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Snowing at sea. pic.twitter.com/gNkzSzdl6y

β€” Tim Soret (@timsoret) May 25, 2019


These are the two amazing videos that had caught a lot of eye in just the last couple of days. From the time they published, I personally chose this because they are outstanding and deserve to be on our Social Waters Lover wall…

This one below is said to be underwater forest  which is quite beautiful if there is one. Also, that this is a very beautiful way of creating art in case you like to make aquasacping then you can think of some thing interesting.

The video below is said to have been of the red river. We do not know if this was real or just another hoax. If it is real then the best thing


BOSS: Are you paying attention?

ME: Yes

MY BRAIN:pic.twitter.com/mXYn7JaRO8

β€” Roxi Horror πŸ’€πŸŒΈ (@roxiqt) February 7, 2019

If your camera can actually fit in a dry bag πŸ™‚

This is about the renewable energy related tweet so here you go


This slug is awesome !


Here’s underwater world of volcanoes

This is real scary part about our climate and hurricanes

Surface water sports technology is getting more popular even according to ‘newspublicist’  I came across this article from newpublicist.com and they agree to it as well .

One of the fastest, most demanding and entertaining sports on water, isn’t it? πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜Ž#aquabike #jetski #extreme #sport #worldchampionship #speed pic.twitter.com/l6eiKEKUrA

β€” Aquabike Official (@AquabikeWorld) 9 October 2018

some really interesting water lovers tweets

I have especially chosen to have these tweets because I wish to have them  to remember and keep you updated. Keep you updated on what I am looking this week. I have been updating water lovers quiz lately and not been concentrating much on posts. However they shall be coming soon. These are some of those tweets that have caught my eye i wanted to share and also keep them on. This way I can have a collection of awesome water related tweets.

Mashable has done it. I like their tweets, Here’s one more πŸ™‚

This is about London so I love it since I am a Londoner.

This particular tweet has been added here because I found this really useful. May be this can help you too, you may try it.

NOAA is the place to go if i need some really helpful thing to learn about oceans

I have mentioned about sonar and fish tracking devices in one of my articles but here’s more information on it.

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