product reviews defined

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The elements that define the product review and the stage before which people decide is broken down in several questions.

What is the best quality in terms of your requirement?

This means if you like a product to have a specific material in terms of physical product.

How are you going to be using it?

The purpose of buying a product or a service is really important. Many of us take an impulsive decision without thinking if this is the right thing to purchase at this stage.

How long do you wish it to last for?

Every product has a lifetime value. There hardly any product that is manufactured and that outlives a buyer. If at all, there are very few. Something that we do not come across in our day to day life

Does this product have a lot of genuine testimonials?

Tricks used by sellers often outsmart buyers in many cases. For instance, many sellers often ask their friends, family or acquaintances to talk about their product so they can take this as a customer review.

Do they offer a free trial?

Having a long free trial for a free product can make a help the user to decide on buying and keeping it to, doesn’t want to keep it!

Is it easy to carry?

Space is often considered very important now than ever before. The size of the product and easy mobility gives a product extra points too.

What is the recurring cost of buying it?

Another trick is that you can buy a good quality product really cheap without realizing how much you would be paying in the long run. This is simply because it requires a specific type of battery or a cartridge. This was just an example however, this can give you some idea or what i mean.

Is it safe to keep at home where there are kids around?

Product has to be safe around children and pets. Having these qualities are a real plus point for any product.

Are lot of people buying it because of the word of mouth?

Word of mouth has majority of the time proven to be good for customers as well as sellers.

These are some of the questions that come in our minds before we take a decision of buying a product or a service. Some times intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. I hope can give you a clear picture of what points you need to keep in mind. This is for the hasty buyers like me 🙂

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