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In Summer planning by Maz

I WENT SCUBA DIVING IN A POND LOOKING FOR BURIED TREASURE UNDERWATER! WHAT I FOUND WAS AMAZING! CHECK OUT THIS EPIC VLOG! Today Carter Sharer and his brother Stephen Sharer (Sharer Bros) went down to the pond to search for buried treasure underwater at the bottom of the pond. Carter has a full scuba suit with googles, snorkels, fins and …

How to use waterproof bag & pouches fully?

In Summer planning by Maz

There are different ways you can use waterproof bags and pouches. Although they appear to be not very useful sometimes but they are really cool when you are travelingĀ  on the beach side. Even for water sports in many countries people needsĀ  these items. Imagine while you are on a boat or a cruise and you need to evacuate. How …

Waiting for summer?

In Summer planning by Maz

  While you’re waiting for summer here’s some nice things you can do. Since children are going to have their half term holidays, you can enjoy and relax too. Does that sound very not possible? Do not worry there’s plenty of ways you can manage your time with kids and still give yourself a break and relax too. You may …