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Is Supersonic speed of underwater vehicle a reality? (exploring options)

In Travel, travelling, Water Technology by Maz

There are certainly underwater supersonic vehicles. However, they are not an exact vehicles that carry passengers. We may come across missiles that some nations around the world test. However, there has been no release of any news related to supersonic passenger underwater vehicles. There are no known underwater vehicles that can travel at a supersonic speed. Speed at which a …

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How does Bycatch reduction work & what is its progress?

In Bycatch, eco friendly, fishing boats, international Shipping, long distance travel by sea, river boats, save the planet, water conservation, Water crisis, Water crisis, Water Technology by Maz

To know how the bycatch reduction process works, it is crucial to know what bycatch is. It is also worth knowing the impact it creates on the ecosystem. This particular action leads to a series of problems, one of which is the reduction of endangered marine creatures that become entangled in the fishing net. What is bycatch in the fishing …

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How is water a commodity & traded in the market?

In drowning, eco friendly, monsoon, save the planet, unavoidable, water conservation, Water crisis, Water crisis, Water Technology by Maz

As we all are aware that water scarcity is not an alienated topic. We all seem to be slowing off and being busy with our day to day life. We are concentrating on these things but on the other hand, the picture is different. By this, we mean that the betting on water scarcity has started already for California. The …

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Bioluminescence Story & history from a different perspective

In bioluminescence, Entertainment, save the planet, Summer planning, Water Technology by Maz

Bioluminescence is a type of light that occurs due to the chemical reaction in any organism’s body. Glowing creatures have been a topic of fascination for many. As kids, we were quite fascinated by the creatures (fishes) under the ocean floor that emits light. They are also known as fishes with disco lights. We already know of the bioluminescent being …

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35 Water service providers in the UK (You Must Know)

In save the planet, Summer planning, water conservation, Water Technology by Maz

Water Service providers that manage in the United Kingdom are broken down into sections. By this I mean each have a particular area that they cover. For instance Thames is one of the largest water service provider in London. Hence, they look after the water supply, quality and prices. However, there are authorities, regulatory bodies that also keep a track …

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Free Healthy Tap Water Fountains across London for all of us

In drinking water, save the planet, Summer planning, tap water fountains, water conservation, Water Technology by Maz

With The Summer’s Heatwave all over the UK, we get a good news of Free Healthy Tap Water Fountains in London. It was a much needed step of allowing people to get drinking water through public water fountains. However, we in London especially didn’t had as many and the only ones we could access were in some corner of big …

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13 Top Water Technologies That Came As a Boon To Save Water

In Summer planning, tidal energy, water conservation, Water Technology by Maz

With water covering almost 70% of the earth. Water conservation is not just a political thing. You and me, we all have a responsibility to save water and use it wisely. Although at times we do fall off the determination due to distractions. In early days of technology we didn’t had the privilege to get an automatic watering of the …