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Eye Opening Secrets of Trees and plants (you were not told)

In eco friendly, Oak Trees, Plant intelligence, poisonous plants, vegetable boat garden by Maz

Secrets of Trees and plants that many of us don’t know even now. This article makes an effort to unravel such secrets. We do not think so deeply when we damage trees and plants. Hopefully this will give us a hint of respecting them. How do plants & trees communicate with each other? Plants communicate through their senses.  In other …

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25 amazing vegetables for your boat garden even in winter

In vegetable boat garden by Maz

Here’s how you can have a sustainable source of fresh food and veggies on you fishing boat, especially if you are traveling long distance. It’s also good for you if you keep moving constantly that is on a boat house. There’s endless options for you if you need planters for your vegetables. Some of the examples I have mentioned in …