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Baobab Trees die not because of the lack of water!

In Summer planning by Maz

Baobab trees are a specific type of trees that you can find in many African countries¬† even in Madagascar. Lately the survival of these alien looking trees are a talk of the town on the internet. Although there are plenty of videos on the internet related to this tree, not all the videos give correct information. The myth is that …

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21 Best Ways The Ocean Plastic Waste Is Now Used From Our Water Ways

In ocean plastic waste, Summer planning by Maz

Along with the harmful chemical and oil spills, we have plastic pollution. The biggest contributors are plastic bottles and plastic carry bags. Differences in figures on ocean plastic waste The figures on ocean plastic waste differs with every source. This could be possibly due to the ever increasing numbers and evaluation time differs. The closest to the figures and to …

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11 Best Gadgets for water lovers

In boating guide, Summer planning by Maz

The 11 Best Gadget list have been collated in accordance of the likes, comments and also if they relate to water lovers. There are few which are not as important and compared to others but its nice if you have them for a change. Satellite phones Anemometer Jetboard Subblue Fast Find Personal Locator Garmin Quatix 5 3D illusion Night vision …