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WHY Being a vegetarian will NOT solve the problem of climate change? (DETAILED GUIDE)

In eco friendly, Fracking, Green House Gas emissions, micro plastics, ocean plastic waste, save the planet by Maz

The problem of Climate change is not rested on eating meat alone. Stopping of which cannot make a major change. Meat is not the problem but a part of the solution. We have adapted to the environment around us, hence we are a carnivore. Since thousands of years we have adapted ourselves to the environment around which we lived. All …

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Water creatures on the verge of extinction due to pollution

In ocean plastic waste, Plastic alternatives, wildlife conservation by Sakina Valsadwala

Water creatures on the verge of extinction due to water pollution A symbol of peace and tranquility, the vast oceans and seas around the world have always been enamored by humans. But, excessive misuse and exploitation of the oceans has affected its inhabitants bringing several marine animals on the verge of extinction. From seals and seabirds to even fish, aquatic …

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Major Countries that Banned Micro Plastics In Cosmetics

In micro plastics, ocean plastic waste, Plastic alternatives, Summer planning by Sakina Valsadwala

BAN ON MICROPLASTIC IN COSMETICS   THE MICROBEAD EFFECT With it’s unimaginable impact on marine life, the minute microbeads have caused a major stir around the world in the past few years. Acting as exfoliators and cleansing agents, these non-biodegradable 0.5 mm particles are usually present in personal care and cosmetic products which after being washed down the drain have …

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21 Best Ways The Ocean Plastic Waste Is Now Used From Our Water Ways

In ocean plastic waste, Summer planning by Maz

Along with the harmful chemical and oil spills, we have plastic pollution. The biggest contributors are plastic bottles and plastic carry bags. Differences in figures on ocean plastic waste The figures on ocean plastic waste differs with every source. This could be possibly due to the ever increasing numbers and evaluation time differs. The closest to the figures and to …