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Kohinoor vs Cullinan diamond which is more popular?

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Who wins the title of the biggest diamond in the world? None of them can win the title of the biggest diamond title in the world. Sergio is the biggest diamond found that outweighs them, having 3167 carats and the Cullinan diamond was 3,106.75 carats. Kohinoor diamond is nowhere close to these two. Kohinoor weighed 190.3 metric carats on its …

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Blood Diamonds still exist in the markets (A hopeful perspective)

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Blood diamonds are the diamonds that are mined in the war zones. People are bribed, forced and also killed and mutilated in such places. At times due to the rebels fighting against the government but innocent civilians get targeted & exploited.May it be Central African Republic, Zimbabwe or any other place of war? It is due to the mining of …