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3 Camouflage methods used by most of these sea creatures

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Camouflage mechanism in sea creatures is quite common. The most known sea creatures that are brilliant at faking are as follows:- Stone fish Flounder Octopus Predatory frog fish Ghost pipe fish Pygmy sea horse Coleman shrimp Crinoid shrimp Crocodile fish Leafy sea dragon Spider crabs (decorator crabs) Marine hatchetfish (bioluminescent) Cuttle fish (chameleons of the sea -bioluminescent *) Scorpion fish …

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Bioluminescence Story & history from a different perspective

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Bioluminescence is a type of light that occurs due to the chemical reaction in any organism’s body. Glowing creatures have been a topic of fascination for many. As kids, we were quite fascinated by the creatures (fishes) under the ocean floor that emits light. They are also known as fishes with disco lights. We already know of the bioluminescent being …