How people are reacting to coronavirus?

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A Danger to life for many people is the corona virus. While this pandemic is moving at a faster pace across many countries of the world, it is creating havoc among the population.

Many of us are reacting strangely in such a situation and express themselves in many different ways some of them are collated here.

As the virus is moving from country to country we are also coming across people that simply light up the mood by their comments.

Some countries may not want people to get into a panic mode due to coronavirus, hence the information is not spread that rapidly.

The issue of Chinese government not taking action immediately is creating a controversy lately. Online videos of people fall off like a tree & collapsing were some of the viral known videos of this disease.

People Of China like any other country are concerned, scared and some even started to loose hope. It was detected first in China in December 2019. Wuhan went into lock-down on the 23 January 2020.

What’s going on for COVID19 preparations?

So far as of 04 of March 2020 there are 85 as per Last press release by stated the Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan had called for a meeting to prepare for the coronavirus as was mentioned in the 27 Feb 2020 press release.

There also was another piece of information you might want to know and that is the following:

“If anybody suspects they have symptoms or are worried, they should not go to GP’s surgeries or to A&E. They should call 111 for advice or log onto the NHS website for the latest information. “

Meanwhile in Roehampton vale people were shopping for cleaning products

People are going to the shopping and now more than before are buying cleaning products such as hygiene wipes, hand sanitizers, soap bottles, shampoos, Rubber gloves, Masks. Although I haven’t come across the crowd rushing for masks as much as they are for the Cleaning items .

Dettol antibacterial surface wipes
Antibacterial surface wipes back of the packet

By afternoon today 04/03/2020 in Kingston upon Thames area of South west London, a lot of the shops had hand sanitizers sold out. We Managed to get these ones that had virus names on it and it caught the attention (Antibacterial surface cleaning wipes).

Streets in the night didn’t look so much silent before but last night was a bit different. All around the world where people are flocking to purchase is paper items to stock could put more pressure on some of the manufacturers.

We saw a similar behaviours where Japanese shoppers were carried away by reacting to the rumours of ‘COVID 19 will cause shortages’.

In the meanwhile these types of coronavirus memes are getting viral too.

Working in the areas where you deal with people directly face to face?

Working in the areas where you deal with people directly face to face.
The advice on eating under-cooked or raw animal products such as milk & meat is that it should not be consumed. Just as we saw in case of Bird flu outbreak.

Also, a piece of advice to handle raw animal products is that it should be with care and avoid cross-contamination. This has come to light in the in the 21 Feb 2020 Report on a pdf.

From Parcel drivers to fast food delivery drivers need to be more cautious as well. One place to other places it could spread easily if not taken care of.

Even restaurants handling food items with extra care is very important. People often hold the same door handles without cleaning hands too. Even with the busy hours of public transport, you should be more careful.

Although some were a bit more overcautious as you may see in the tweets. We got to see some people putting a bucket on the face. Some even wore gas mask, one of them was also seen with a plastic bag on the face.

Things we can do to make sure items are clean

Please note that since this virus can remain on the surfaces and cold areas too for a long time. You must not forget to even clean your mobile phone screen surface too with cleaning antibacterial wipes.

The surfaces that we often touch on coming home must be cleaned too. The majority of the time it is the doorknobs.

Overfeeding of the information is a reason for panic

It is very easy to get carried away by the flow of information and start getting worried. There may be no reason for you to worry if you take the necessary care. It affects our thinking when we intake the same information for a long time.

Often our minds are more susceptible to get influenced news feed binge on the same information that worries you more. Simply a state of mind can make a lot of difference.

This outbreak is not a joke but these reactions are only to make you feel lighter & better. Divert your attention from too much serious news on the corona virus. Be happy, safe, now smile & have a lovely day 🙂

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