35 Water service providers in the UK (You Must Know)

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Water Service providers that manage in the United Kingdom are broken down into sections. By this I mean each have a particular area that they cover. For instance Thames is one of the largest water service provider in London. Hence, they look after the water supply, quality and prices. However, there are authorities, regulatory bodies that also keep a track of what is better for the people, just so companies play fair.

  1. Thames Water
  2. South West
  3. Albion
  4. Dee valley
  5. Sembcorp Bournemouth
  6. South East
  7. Affinity
  8. Southern
  9. South Staffordshire
  10. Hafren Dyfrdwy
  11. Bournemouth
  12. Welsh
  13. Sees
  14. SSE
  15. Anglian
  16. Yorkshire
  17. Birstol
  18. Essex & suffolk
  19. Portsmouth
  20. Northumbrian
  21. United Utilities
  22. Severn Trent
  23. Icosa
  24. Cheltenham water
  25. Northern Ireland
  26. Scottish
  27. SES (Sutton & East Surrey)
  28. Veolia water projects
  29. Wessex
  30. Yorkshire
  31. Cholderton & District water company
  32. Hartlepool Water
  33. Independant water networks
  34. Peel
  35. Switch UK online


There are also 3 more Jersey water, Guernsey water, Tideway. Many of them are also a part of the water council.  If you want to know who supplies water in your area then click here to find out. You simply need to enter your postcode and it will show you who your water service provider is. Much of London is managed by Thames Water.

Thames water in collaboration with The GLA and MIW Water cooler experts have come up with providing free tap water by placing fountain for healthy tap water for drinking to all in London. Since, People especially the tourists have to buy plastic bottles which used to contribute to the single use plastic has been. The water watchdog for England and wales is Consumer council for water which is CCWater in short.

Why we should know our water suppliers?

It is very important because of many reasons. Main reason is for us to know who to contact in case of any emergencies related to water flow, the pressure, bills, payments etc., for the water at home. Also there is a separate meter of us which determines our water usage. Although you as a household customer can’t choose your water supplier at this moment, you still should know or at least to be aware of any offer or changes that takes place.  For example: For Low income households there is a 50% discount with the Water sure plus scheme from Thames water, if you are applying this year 2019- 2020.*

If you are moving home etc., then you might want to contact your water supplier too based on which part of UK you are moving to.  It is not only a must know for households but also for the businesses, especially if you are looking to start or buy a business.

Business customers are able to choose their water supplier. Their water usage may differ based on the task required in a day. Some businesses such as construction & hotel industry water usage may be higher as compared to other small businesses that doesn’t depend so much on water.  Hence, knowing the water supplier could be a benefit especially for the business owners too.

Popular methods how we can save water and reduce our water bill

Most commonly used method is to save water by not using it excessively. This could involve ways that we teach our kids too. We should practice what we preach even in our households. This means not simply teaching kids not to waste water but also put this in our own lives. Which are small but quite effective ways.

Actions such as not leaving the tap on while shaving, while doing other tasks,  use dual flush for using toilets. It has been covered even in our water technology article which you can read if you click here.

What to do in case of pipe burst & water leaks ?

You must inform your area’s water services company immediately. This can help us all save a lot of water that could get wasted otherwise. This also means that while you are walking by the pavement and come across the water leaking from the burst pipe then please contact them when it is safe to do so.

If you live in London, then most probably your water service provider is Thames water. Please note that in case of pipe burst or leaks you can contact Thames Water directly and report if,  if you are in London. Having cases of pipe burst in an area could reduce the water pressure actually needed to maintain the water flow in our taps. This includes shower and toilet flushes too.

Who regulates the water companies in UK?

Each part of UK has a regulator that oversees and approves the water companies plans which then is put into action. There are business plans submitted by water companies to the Ofwater. Ofwat is the Economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales and having them kind of creates a sense of accountability on water companies part as well as gives us more transparency & fair pricing.

They also publish their results of the business plans that these companies put across. The result of the price review could contain the results such as

  • Plans ready to implement
  • Further work on plans
  • Rework or Resubmit plans

It could also mention if there is increased scrutiny required on a plan or not.  Scotland has its own water regulator that is known as Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS). While the water service providers mentioned here are a few. As we go along the list shall be updated so you can get the list of water service providers that may be managing your water supply.

We can still see the updates coming by from the Tideway project that is about building a 25 Kilometers long tunnel. Its called a super sewer. Which means not many people realize how much work goes in saving the planet collectively and these engineers and all the people working in this project put in a lot of effort. We can most definitely see how UK is moving to

Why so much information now?

Its time to thank the efforts of regulators and water suppliers that are working hard each year to make sure our goal collectively is achieved. With each plan and its execution they try to provide the best possible solution that should suit the community at the same time taking extra care to make sure they take us a step closer in reducing our water pollution too. Especially to the field staff that work tirelessly in any weather conditions.

The Video above is by Tideway London and it clearly shows how much care is taken just to work on one project. This is a massive project. We never thought they would be even taking care of fishes too and carefully transferring them back to the rivers.  Respect to you guys, Keep it up!



Note: Please check the up to date offers, percentages, eligibility on the relevant water suppliers website. We do not hold any responsibility on the accuracy of any offer since they are subject to change (also subject to *T&Cs) for any reason.  Please do your due diligence in finding out the offer information and eligibility criteria since it may not be suitable or applicable to all the readers.



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