Which outdoor plants are poisonous to dogs & humans?

Which outdoor plants are poisonous to dogs & humans?

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Here is the criteria based on which the decisions are made

There are semi as well as fully outdoors. There are a lot of stories behind them. These are the plants that have made you sick and even your pets have got affected by them. Many outdoor plants have a certain amount of poison in them. The level of poison that can really harm us and our pets is something that sets others and these highly poisonous plants aside.

You can find some of these plants very easily in the United Kingdom, USA, India, Canada and even Australia. They are not limited to these countries they can be pretty much every where in the world. Well, we don’t know about North and South Poles ! 🙂

  Most common plants found highly poisonous are as follows

  1. Mistletoe
  2. Daffodils
  3. Asparagus fern
  4. Rhododendron
  5. Tulips
  6. Hydrangeas
  7. Cyclamen
  8. Day lillies
  9. Morning glory
  10. Rosary Pea*
  11. Nerium Oleander
  12. Castor plants
  13. Belladonna
  14. jimsonweed (Datura)
  15. manchineel (It’s fruit is also called apple of death)
  16. white snakeroot
  17. water hemlock
  18. Dieffenbachia maculata
  19. Peace lillies (less dangerous)
  20. Philodendron
  21. Cycas palm
  22. Zamifolia
  23. Larkspur
  24. English yew
  25. Stinging bush (gympie)
  26. giant hogweed
  27. golden rain
  28. brugmansia
  29. autumn crocus
  30. suicide tree
  31. foxglove
  32. Dolls eye
  33. Aconite
  34. jimson weed
  35. deadly night shade
  36. easter lillies
  37. English Ivy

Having added these names I don’t intend to scare you. You must’ve already come across these names may be on your vet’s advice or just while searching for a plants that has caused skin irritation or sickness in you pet.

These plants can not only be poisonous to your bunny rabbit but also they can be harmful to your children. There are things which can be harmful for humans too but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them or enjoying the beauty of these plants.

How you can plant outdoors so that it doesn’t affect your children or your pets?

It’s absolutely important for you to know the name of your plants. This is so that in case of unforeseen circumstances when the plant or flowers are ingested then you can at least have this information to provide to the doctors. Secondly, try to plant them where kids can’t reach so easily unless they are quite grown up enough to know.

That is if you don’t choose plants that have berries that are attractive looking might help. It almost unavoidable to bring any such plants since some of them are easily available in the garden centers and plant nurseries.


english yew

English yew

Plants sellers can also share more information on such poisonous plants

Depends on which part of the world you are reading article, and the knowledge of the plant seller  about his own plants. You could get more information that could be of a little help to you. Reason for sharing this list is not only to make you aware but also for you to teach your kids the names and also explain them not to eat any unknown berries or plants. Northumberland has one of such garden that displays the poisonous plants .  It was also shown on a BBC documentary video about poisonous plants.

Get Expert advice on poisoning symptoms

Best way you can learn a little more is by also check NHS advice pages on poisoning.  There are plants which can also prove to be very harmful for your kids especially when they see something very attractive and not knowing about the danger of the plants. It can prove to be deadly. We have learnt about the poisonous effects of certain plants also from our elders. There are historical evidences too.


The symptoms of these poisonous plants could vary based on the severity of contact & or ingestion. It could even be, how that plant affects you. Some of the plants actually make you feel dizzy and you could hallucinate. At the same time others can give you rashes to blisters and an itch that could get worse. Then there is another type that can simply kill you if you or your pets try to eat them.

There are also stories related to instances when an animal ate one of such plant and everything including its milk and meat got poisonous of people to consume. For instance Nerium Oleander is an amazing looking plant that has a really fragrant flowers on it but the are quite poisonous.

Hydrangeas a mostly visible in your backyards  and the front gardens outdoors. Did you know how much dangerous this one can be?

I guess not!

These are the poisonous plants but they are beautiful

Beautiful poisonous plants


Outdoor Plants lovers who like to visit kew Gardens

If you’re one of the outdoor plants lover like me and if you live in London then you must visit Kew Gardens. You can learn a lot from there too. Having a bit of knowledge about plants could help you a long way. People often mistake poisonous plants to be edible which is why there are incidents where people have to be treated with some serious repercussions. Not sure if we can find a Baobab tree there. I will have to check when i visit kew gardens.


If you have come across any such plants or experienced any such issues in the past then you can feel free to share your experience with us.

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