151 Stunning Plastic alternatives that can change your mind

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The question of how and what should be the alternative is narrowed down to the purpose. This makes it much clearer to know what can be replaced in stead of plastic items.

Plastic alternatives starting with those that you already may be knowing.

How can we forget about our boats that we own or charter. Does it not matter if we have environmental friendly boat and even the paint on it!

So, let’s check out some of the alternatives, who knows this could help you to trigger an idea to transform your life and make it more green.

It is possible to replace plastic

Plastic can be replaced it is possible to get rid of this pollution.

Made of Wood

Within this category of Wooden items, I have also added Bamboo and paper card board too. They can be used as a sub category though.

  1. Paper Bubble wraps
  2. Egg holder Thick paper mold
  3. Spoons & forks (edible too Bakeys)
  4. Serving trays
  5. Computer (for example : Volta V Wooden Computer)
  6. CPU and other computer accessories
  7. Toilet brush
  8. Match sticks
  9. Bamboo keyboard
  10. Mouse made of bamboo
  11. Teak or Oak wood wardrobe
  12. Cabinets
  13. Combing set
  14. Doll houses
  15. Crates
  16. Decking
  17. Dashboards
  18. Pencils
  19. Ball Pens
  20. Key chains with wooden toys
  21. Sheds
  22. Colour pencils
  23. Beds
  24. Wooden spatula
  25. Shredded paper packaging
  26. Cardboard boxes
  27. Cartons for shipping
  28. Strong Jute ropes for Complete packing
  29. Bamboo boiling pan (for dim sum etc.)
  30. Classic Rocking Chair
  31. Sofa
  32. Wrapping hot bread in a kitchen cloth
  33.  Stepping stool for Bathroom
  34. Clips to hang clothes
  35. Poles to dry clothing
  36. Eco friendly butter paper
  37. Jute or Strong textile leash for pets
  38. Coconut shell as aquarium accessory
  39. Cloth or Jute fiber door mats
  40. wooden switch panels
  41. Homemade paper stickers
  42. Bamboo dust pan
  43. Plant based sweeping broom
  44. Timber window panels
  45. Woody Duster
  46. Rubber soles for shoes (Fit for purpose*)
  47. Wooden tabletops
  48. Woody cork bottle caps
  49. Wooden pen holders
  50. Plain cardboard only Files & folders
  51. Wooden note clamp holders
  52. Sivak tooth brush (Miswak)
  53. Dry Neem tooth powder in a glass bottle
  54. Wooden or a metallic chess board
  55. Carom boards
  56. Coco peat for plants to sell (Not Styrofoam)
  57. Coconut outer fibers for scrubbing
  58. Fencing made of Timber
  59. Haystack hats
  60.  Woolen footwear for home use
  61. Tree fiber Ropes
  62. Papaya & Bamboo stem straw
  63. Wooden glasses case
  64. Leather or wooden phone protective covers
  65. Heavy duty Cotton bags
  66. New wooden Lego sets
  67. Wooden Block games
  68. Clothing Nappies that can be washed and reused
  69. Flags made of paper or cloth
  70. Bamboo tooth picks

Can these categories beat our artificial nature killer?

Yes , of course it can beat. People have been using plant based items for ages. In any shape variety or form plastic has affected us and our environment. The categories mentioned above consists both paper, cloth and wooden items. Its not very difficult to overcome the problem of plastic if we all act together and even help each other instead of criticizing.

Food re-engineered (Bio Degradable) material as an alternative category

  1.  Cassava bags
  2. Shrimp material  biodegradable bags
  3. Bee wax coated paper cups
  4. Paper plates
  5. Bio degradable kitchen bin bags
  6. Silpat Baking mats
  7. Reusable Gloves
  8. Organic ear buds
  9. Wooden bathroom doors

Eco friendly two materials combined

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Home Furniture
  • Kitchen Items combined

Combined materials are not new

They are very common since the very beginning. Items such as Knives with wooden handle fitted with metal screws. Even Beds made of Wood and Iron used to be very common in those days. Now a days manufacturers are coming up with Wood & metallic headphones  (Eco friendly ) and a lot more. Based on where our world is moving factories are taking this opportunity to enter in this type of market to make the most of it.

Mud used as an ingredient

  1. Ceramic plates
  2. Tea set
  3. Mud pots for plants
  4. Earthen Pots
  5. Clay mud Pots
  6. Clay bowls
  7. Ceramic bowls
  8. Terracotta containers

Material such as mud and their uses can varied let’s see

Based on a country most of our daily items are designed and used by us. For instance, In a region where the climate is warmer it is easier to use Clay and earthen pots for daily use. This is because the pots have the strength to be more durable if there is a considerable amount of heat around. However, items such as Tea sets made of China clay or terracotta are mostly used by us at home almost everywhere. They are really good if you use it for planting trees rather than light weight plastic ones.

most popular plastic alternatives


Metal of any kind

  1. Spoons & forks
  2. Dinner plates
  3. Static Sauce dispensers for restaurants
  4. Computer & accessories
  5. Lighters
  6. Ice tray
  7. Cupboards
  8. Drawers
  9. Tea cups
  10. Soup Mugs
  11. Scissors with metal handle
  12. Baskets
  13. Lunch Box
  14. Reusable Razors
  15. Key Chains
  16. Aluminum laundry basket
  17. Mirror Frames
  18. Paper Stands
  19. Phone holders for car
  20. Barbed Drain cleaner
  21. Kitchen Caddys
  22. Aluminum Bins
  23. Bed Frames
  24. Cast Iron cooking pans
  25. Metal name plates
  26. Stainless steel kettle
  27. Simple Garden Chair
  28. Metal candy mold
  29. Complete Steel paper clips
  30. Carry metal for drinking water
  31. Real plants in office instead of artificial
  32. Aluminum or a steel funnel
  33. Dust Pan
  34. Water Bucket
  35. Steel tumbler
  36. Metal Caps for a Bottle
  37. Steel buckles
  38. Carabine
  39. Card holder
  40. Metal darts
  41. Steel Taps
  42. Ear studs
  43. Metal lamps
  44. Exhaust fan in the bathroom
  45. Metallic flash light
  46. Watches
  47. Iron dumbbells at home
  48. Steel Straw
  49. Steel spectacles (eye wear)
  50. Measuring tape
  51. Stainless steel puzzles
  52. Classic wall clocks


Metals that were used by us in Old days and now

Majority of Metals were the main basis of what we see now. Vessels made of Bronze and cast iron were very popular. Leather handles on a metal were the main points of giving it a soft gripping area. They were also combining wood on certain surfaces but it changed as we moved further. Due to the few point that we don’t pay attention at this day and age. Those are that Weight of the items we used. The strength of a product we used and how much space does it take.

The difference that has taken place in our life story

Now, even when we have plenty of space because of our way of engineering which wasn’t present, there’s still an outcry of space. People are homeless on one side and Shops are lying empty because they can’t afford high rents. People are hungry but there is a plenty of food wasted.

There seems to be a dilemma between what we learnt in the last couple of decades. It is so because even though we said we are advancing more but actually we have to move to the old ways again. There was a time when people used to call a few people backward thinking but we have to move back the same way.

Just a few examples are the food we ate earlier and what we eat now. We are learning every other day that eating what we used to eat those days were much environmental friendly and even healthier. Due to chemicals now in the environment it is affecting our food chain rapidly.


Glass as a material

  1. Glass shutters for bathroom
  2. Baby bottles
  3. Glass PC
  4. Green house
  5. Presentation boards (alternative to White plastic boards)
  6. Glass paperweight
  7. Flask for drinking water
  8. Glass chandeliers
  9.  Dices for board games

The Good old Habits people know in Asia

Buying in bulk  and buying non packaged items on our own vessels. Getting the flour done as they go. Wrapping items with old news papers. In order to keep the house clean on the shelves they had news paper cuttings and then vessels were placed on it. The Shelves were wooden & one with marble stone. Buying spices and seller packs it in a newspaper packing with a very sophisticated way of making sure the powder doesn’t pour out.

Using mostly wooden toys for children.

Take a look at old Chinese Kids playing with wooden toys. Dolls were made of cloth or wood & not plastic. Teachers used a wooden black board with a chalk to write and even business presentations were similar. Business in those days were still doing well. More of Origami those days then tablets.

Bathing was done with one (made of Aluminum) bucket water. Water even now in India is stored in an earthen pots called “Matka” or “Ghada”. Water was purified in a good old style using  3 stage purification. You can use a Chalks instead of Sketchpens made of plastic. Babies didn’t had soft plastic toys to chew during teething but they had a wooden toys rather.


  • Use paper to buy small amounts of dry products

These are just 121 Alternatives to plastic. There are many more that you can figure out too. Think about olden days where people used to use only wood, metals, leather and glass items. These were the core of their daily lives. The base items remains the same.

Where can i buy completely non plastic home & kitchen products

There are plenty of alternatives but not enough marketing done on them. Here are the few packaging companies you might want to contact.


Do you think this will be the renaissance of the new revolution and will it create a power shift in the world?




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