Frozen water pipes care instructions must read

Frozen Water Pipes are a Big Problem But Has a Solution

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Frozen pipes can be a pain in the winter season. This can be resolved by various DIY tricks, if you are a handyman or a woman. Some simple things can be resolved easily. If you don’t want to get into working on this yourself then you can get a professional help which is even better.

The common tips used to care for frozen water pipes

Where can you get help with fixing these frozen pipes if you are traveling. Is there an emergency break down service for boats as well. There are factors related taking care of the water pipes. Generally the pipes in the homes don’t freeze so often. If at all they do then there are some techniques to make them alright.

  • Using de-icer.
  • There is DIY techniques such as using a hair dryer.
  • Warm water bottle (rubber)

If you’re looking for plumbers locally, then there are some points to note before you decide to call them up. You might want to hear from your neighbors or friends about a plumber or a plumbing agency that can handle your maintenance. Remember that local directories also have a list of plumbers near you just as google does. To get the best is through the word of mouth referral. This is because the people used their services, though its not always the case but have been working quite well.

Frozen water pipes care instructions

Local plumbers are experienced in plumbing services too

Plumbing is not just for the plumbers alone and you don’t need a very high price tag plumbing service. You can even try it yourself if you have an experience and you can do it. Generally pluming is a bit of a maze especially if it’s a big building or a joint property. This is because there are a layout of the underground piping that are fixed in the building or a set of flats. It is important to know it well which pipe to look for and what kind of water it carries.

Plumbers who generally work on the pipes day in and day out have an idea clearly what needs to be done when something goes wrong. They usually close the water supply first before checking for the pipes if it’s the kind of fault that needs water to be stopped temporarily.

Frozen water pipes are generally not the case in London

Generally we’ve seen London, England has a warmer climate compared to the northern England and Scotland or Ireland. Also, majority of homes in the city are closer to each other hence. It makes the heat stay much more than it would otherwise. Those houses that are outside of the city and are far away from each other could have such issues.

The area where pipe is exposed in the house and you do not realize that the area was damaged. Due to this reason you may possibly be paying more money to even make the house warmer but still struggle.

Heavy snowfall in London

There could be high possibility that your pipe water freeze could be because of the heavy snowfall outside. Same could be the case in any country. I have seen this happening in Canada and USA often when people are show how the water froze. We even have seen a waterfall in china froze, this kind of weather can make your home pipes freeze too.

What if your boiler is broken down ?

It is best to know your boiler instructions already. There are times when its just a simple thing you were supposed to do and it could have helped you. As simple as what the flashing light on a boiler would indicate. Have your instructions manual with you or even familiarize yourself to know as this could help if the boiler if broken down.

Make and protect your heat at home

There are also similar to these tips that can keep your home warm enough. For that reason there are certain tips to make your home warm  and you can watch that. As this helps to take care of this issue to a certain extent. Since our climate keeps changing now a days rapidly.

It is not just UK, USA, Canada or an EU country home. Can you imagine a pipe in a north India city also started to freeze due to the low temperatures in that region. Check this video if you don’t believe.


Outdoor pipes are easy to freeze due to exposure to the lower temperatures. However, inside home if the water pipes start to freeze then it should require some urgent actions. During the heavy snow as the temperature goes down a lot it brings some troubles for the people in case of using water. It affects the water mains as well. Just as the material get affected by extreme heat it also gets affected by cold weather. Due to incapability of the water mains  they tend to crack. Also the immense pressure that gets generated due to the ice in the pipes and the water trying to pass through makes even a copper pipe to crack open easily.

Water pipe bursts at home can be prevented even in the cold weather

Having an insurance can also wind you up easily. If you have plumbers then its still alright. If you know it then you’re all set. The tips and tricks I mentioned above are as follows:

Covering the pipes with foam especially meant for the pipes. You could use a heat tape also based on which country you are in and if it is allowed or not. Use a blow dryer. A dehumidifier also could help a lot for the room temperature to warm a little. Use the pipes every day for the water to continuously pass through the pipes. If you go out for a long holiday and when you return then its highly possible for the water pipe to freeze if its still too cold. Rubber hoses are also easy to get cracked open in these types of weather.

If you suspect that your pipe has cracked open and it’s causing all the dampness in the house, then better call the plumbers as soon as possible.

If you’re going to like this post and if you learn something from it then subscribe to the old house. They have some amazing diy videos that anyone who wants to do it themselves can learn from it. If need experienced plumbers then its better to contact them.

Not all the methods used here could be applied

Note that these methods are only applicable to certain types of piping and in the countries where it is allowed to use some of the methods. This could be due to health and safety purposes. You might NOT want to use anything that could affect your drinking water. Hence, use these tips at your own discretion. Assuming that you are alright and know what not to use. These were the tips that hope you liked and must have been helpful for you.



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