21 Best Ways The Ocean Plastic Waste Is Now Used From Our Water Ways

21 Best Ways The Ocean Plastic Waste Is Now Used From Our Water Ways

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Along with the harmful chemical and oil spills, we have plastic pollution. The biggest contributors are plastic bottles and plastic carry bags.

Differences in figures on ocean plastic waste

The figures on ocean plastic waste differs with every source. This could be possibly due to the ever increasing numbers and evaluation time differs. The closest to the figures and to give an idea of the number i have this link from the ocean clean up that has a very clear platform visualization similar to which is provided by the WHO.

Why bottle reuse videos?

I decided to use this video to show you the best possible uses of plastic that you can do while you are on board your boat for a long distance journey by sea.

By the month of June 2017  itself there was a research published by theOceancleanup in the nature communication which revealed that the rivers of the world contribute 1.15  and 2.41 million metric tons of plastic waste into the oceans every year.’

‘As  per WWF 6.4 million tonnes of plastic every year affects the sea life and the ecosystem due to its harmful toxicity.’

Companies and NGO’s are taking a great initiatives some of these are as follows

  1. The Ocean cleanup
  2. Hubbub
  3. Bureo
  4. Spark and Burnish
  5. Adidas
  6. Dell
  7. Method
  8. Volvo
  9. Ikea

If you didn’t know about the organizations that have already taken initiatives to care about our planet then read the names of the following companies that are about to make waves in this industry.

Once, these ginormous amount of plastic is sent to landfills it makes its way to the ocean. Note, that not all the plastics that we dispose in our garbage are recycled. The ones that are not recycled are either sent to get disposed off to a third party.

Affects on the Food chain

This issue has not only affected the food chain in our ocean creatures but also us as human being are adversely affected. News and welfare organisation reports warn us every now and them about the effects of ocean plastic.Thinking that we consume pure sea food could be a thing of the past if we do not act quicker.

Where are we all targeting to stop the plastic waste?

Many organisations are making an effort to stop the plastic waste at its source. This could be the water ways from the river and the gutters that end up in the sea. These plastic waste reach the ocean through rivers or by carelessness  it is done.

This is when the plastic keeps floating all across the oceans wherever it travels and it also ends up either in the garbage patch in our oceans or ends up even in some remote place and cause health risk not only to the sea life but also to the birds.

21 best ways our recycled ocean plastic is used?

It is used in many ways and will keep on evolving as we move forward. The following are some of the items made of plastic waste.

  1. Recycled plastic bricks
  2. Ocean waste plastic home
  3. Waste plastic boats
  4. Bottled plastic home
  5. Bottled plastic chair
  6. Plastic fizzy drink bottle chandelier
  7. Bracelets
  8. knobs
  9. Sneakers
  10. Computer parts
  11. Skate boards
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Club wear
  14. Plastic fences
  15. Marble type show blocks
  16. Plastic bowls
  17. Roads
  18. Pavement blocks/tiles
  19. Plastic wiring
  20. drawer handle
  21. Plastic bucket

Dave Hakkens is really doing a great job!

If you don’t know him then watch this. I am sure you are going to  like him. I am sure not many people know Dave Hakkens.

If it keeps floating for years then it could end up in to small microfibers or micro pieces of plastic and this either gets consumed by the marine life such as the fishes we eat or even birds.

We also have NGOs such as

  • Greenpeace
  • Ocean conservancy
  • Brigada do mar volunteer group

Brigada do mar volunteer group themselves alone gather around 20 to 30 tonnes of plastic every year

Many Companies have realised the benefit of recycling ocean plastic waste

This ocean plastic recycling industry is just starting to warm up. It seems like its just a beginning.

  • So far i haven’t come across a news from the ocean clean up about them getting into recycled ocean plastic products manufacturing.
  • Hubbub is one that has come up with this idea of Plastic boats.
  • Bureo is moving ahead in recycled ocean plastic products. It uses one of the important items that are discarded such as discarded fishing nets to make its sunglasses, skateboards and lot more.
  • Ikea has also announced its commitment to get rid of the single use plastic products by the year 2020.
  • Adidas uses ocean plastic and algae in one of it shoe model (parley sneakers). Dell has tried to use ocean plastic after recycling in their packaging.

Organizations that need help and if you help them you help yourselves

They have come up with a very wonderful ideas by recycling our own plastics  that are found in the ocean and the rivers and they have been creating wonderful bracelets out of these Ocean plastic waste.

In the the UK we also have companies that make children sitting benches made of recycled plastic. There may be slides and other products in the children’s play area too. Next time to visit any nearest parks, do try and find out.

We need to be more aware of our buying habits these days?

As we are moving high in population numbers, we are not affected so much. We are getting affected more also because many people like us have changed our buying habits. Some for good and many are harming not only us but also other lives around us. Such as clothing we choose.

Not all cheap clothing are good and not all expensive clothing are a nice too. You could understand about the quality of clothing that affect our environment.

How we can contribute and make a difference?

There are plenty of ways you and I can reduce the use of single use plastic. You simply need to reduce the plastic in your daily life. Try to find an alternative.

By raising awareness we can contribute to this cause. Remember how Boyan slat and few others are working on great pacific garbage patch. They alone can’t be everywhere but together we can make a difference.

The Ocean clean up campaign should be supported.

Where did we emphasize mostly?

Emphasis is only laid mostly on high impact areas but the source of high plastic waste needs to be controlled. We need to save our blue planet and leave it as best as we can. It’s not Simply pacific ocean there are other parts of our own oceans like Atlantic, Indian ocean as well.

Like this way there are plenty of items that we use are contributing to the water pollution. Let work together to make this a better place.

Do you think Nautilus minerals Inc is going to not only pollute but also harm the ocean habitat?

What do you think of these initiatives taken by our fellow friends all across the globe?

How do you think we all can succeed in saving our oceans and our planet?

Please share your answer in the comments below.

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