11 Best Gadgets for Water lovers

11 Best Gadgets for water lovers

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The 11 Best Gadget list have been collated in accordance of the likes, comments and also if they relate to water lovers. There are few which are not as important and compared to others but its nice if you have them for a change.

  1. Satellite phones
  2. Anemometer
  3. Jetboard
  4. Subblue
  5. Fast Find Personal Locator
  6. Garmin Quatix 5
  7. 3D illusion
  8. Night vision Binoculars
  9. Carbon monoxide Alarm
  10. Amazon Echo spot Smart speaker and screen with Alexa
  11. Micro outdoor stove


These are some of the water gadgets which haven been chosen to be added on to our list of best gadgets. They are not only gadgets but also very useful items too. There’s plenty of Gadgets such as underwater cameras, walk on water type of gadgets such Jet Packs, Fly board too & even an mp3 player, which we can include in the coming articles.  Just to feature one is a most popular waterproof cameras, one of which is Akaso 4k sports action camera. It is one of the top selling action cameras on Amazon UK.

If you have come across some of the amazing gadgets that could be beneficial for our water lovers community then please share it with us. There are more awesome gadgets which i mentioned here but you could even find incredibly amazing items on Ebay as well check this one out.

Here are the 11 best gadgets categories that could be really useful

Satellite Phones :

These Satellite phones are pretty good. However, you may need to empty your pocket a little bit extra as compared to the regular phone service providers. This is due to them depending upon the number of satellites that passes by and you can get a signal. IF you are alone on your own traveling long distances, then they are quite useful and life savers in terms of getting your connected.

They however are not as simple as regular phones where you can simply dial a number and it works. You may have to pay separate charges in order to use its text message service as well.

  • Anemometer:

Many of you water lovers will be knowing what this is. For those who are new, this is gadget that helps you know the velocity of wind, the temperature, flow of wind. It is not just outside but also if your are in a closed room you could check the consistency of the air flow from the air condition.

  • JetBoard

Jet boards are getting increasinly popular these days. Not only this surf jet board but also the one which is used to hover around using water pipes and the one that can fly on the land too. Amazon UK doesn’t have much options in the jet boards of the jet pack categories.

  • Sublue White Shark Mix World’s Smallest SD15003 Diver Underwater Scooter Seas scooter

Sublue underwater scooter










This is one of such gadgets which is amazing to own. It truly appears to take you to places faster than you can swim. The design is stylish at the same time aero dynamic. We do not know if there are any upgrades from the manufacturer of this piece of equipment. Has any one of you tried out this underwater scooter then let us know how was your experience


  • Fast Find Personal Locator

Fast Find GPS Locator









This GPS locator talks for itself . We do not need to give you much information on this. It is a useful gadget no doubt. It comes with the sos too.

Watch this video and you will understand.


  • Garmin Quatix 5

Garmin Quatix5










Easy compatibility with other Garmin devices  such as Chart plotters. It has a quick release strap. Loading maps, you can see the engine RPMs & depth as well. Track swimming and surfing sessions too. For me this is like a portable console. If you love boating this is a must have. They have other models too such as Garmin Fenix 3, Garmin Fenix 5 Plus and other models that are really useful.

  • 3D illusion night lamp


These illusion night lamps are a good thing to have in your bedroom or a study room if you work until late. This one is not much important to have which makes it in the best gadgets list but its something nice if you like it. They come in all different shapes which i think is a good change from a normal dull night lamps.

  • Night Vision Binoculars

  • Night vision video recording Binoculars

Always a useful gadget if you are traveling by the sea or river and because of its night vision ability and also to record a video makes it special. This is reason why i have added it on our list of best gadgets.


  • Carbon monoxide Alarm

This simply and portable Carbon monoxide Alarm coming in our list because it is important to have a carbon monoxide alarm at home. you may want to replace an old alarm. It often happens that if these are kept outside of the room and when the battery finishes then it is difficult to know unless it keeps beeping constantly. There was a case in the Maddisonville, USA where a couple died due to carbon monoxide fumes from their running car. This happens in Winter especially when doors and windows are closed.  Also due to the gas generator fumes could be dangerous.

  • Amazon Echo spot Smart speaker and screen with Alexa

There are a lot of features in it that you may not have thought of. I personally think this is quite interesting.  It plays music. Spotify is also a feature in it. Easy to carry anywhere. It can tell where is a particular location. It has a camera as well. Try it out and let us know your experience.

  • Micro outdoor stove


A gas cartridge is kept separate for safety purposes. On amazon this is one of the highest bought camping gas stove. There are other models you could consider but this one is a compact hence it has been added on this list. This however is one of the important ones if you need to go out camping. Ever wondered spending night at a camping site near by the river side? If you haven’t then now you can think about it. Obviously safety comes first as the tides could be low when you’re there and water level could rise due to high tides or the canal opens gates. So these are the things that needs to be taken into account.









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