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How Flood Water Can Cause Less Damage- Find Out?

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Floods are a natural disaster, which have increased over the years along with earthquakes.  Generally both are those natural disasters that cause a humongous amount of casualties. Many of us do not know.

Types of Flood

Floods are of different types but we only know 2 which is one with Rainfall & second is Flash floods

As per ‘National Weather service Floods are generally long term and Flash floods could happen much quicker due to sudden release of water or excessive rainfall within a short period of time.’ Types of flood are two. If you live int he UK  then please check.

We never heard of Saudi Arabia having a flood in the region  but recently along with Kuwait even Tabuk followed the flooding too.



Floods can occur due to various reason.

  1. Heavy nonstop rainfall
  2. Rain storm
  3. Broken Dam
  4. Unnecessary blockade of the River water.
  5. Damaged drainage system overall
  6.  Cloud burst
  7. Shifting of tectonic plates under the sea (tsunami)

What are the effects of  flooding?

Flooding in the recent years have caused more damage due to the people cutting the trees, so ground is unable to absorb the amount of rising water. Flooding risks are not to be taken lightly, accidents occur due to various reasons. Especially due to moving vehicles as they slip. Even 2 feet of water can carry a car & start to float.  It can even kill a person if he is on the way of the floating vehicles or debris. Floods damage life and property so keep important things with you that you can carry easily. Quick sand can occur easily due to the ground unable to absorb the water in that speed.  Contamination of drinking water & Chemicals leak is commonly seen during these times.

How to stop floods?

They are unstoppable!


Countries that are well known for flooding.

Bangladesh, USA, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, China & Malaysia.

Floods due to raising sea level could affect any coastal areas easily. Even riverside towns can become a victim. This flood was unexpected. This means flooding can even occur in a desert areas too. Hence never underestimate it.

The most recent and unexpected news is about Kuwait – on the 14 th November 2018 they had floods

Precautions are better than cure

Block the holes that could cause the water to gush inside the house. Insurance documents should be with you safe and dry. If the they accept digital copies than even better if its safe in the cloud. Medicine packets should be with you in a dry bag. Bag such as this can be useful for the mobile phones, money, and other small packets.

Dry pouch

If you have access to stop the power supply then do so as soon as possible before the water levels increase. Prepare for how you could preserve clean drinking water with you.

Flood watch is issued by National Weather Service  in the USA that is to indicate that there is a chances of flood in the areas that are highly likely to suffer from floods. Having a good quality rope with you  is always useful if you live in a flood prone area especially.


Safety measures during the floods are more important

Avoid driving during the floods as this may cause accidents and also chance or cars or motor bikes going off hand and drown a person.  Especially in a running water even if its a six inches of water it can make you fall and you can get hurt. Running water also may cause  powerful whirlpools on the side of the roads especially and a person and anything can get sucked easily (Stay away from it!).



Flood safety tips

The question of how do you stay safe during the floods can be slightly different for different climate conditions. Precaution taken during the floods are mentioned as follows-

  1. Stay safe on a higher areas but stay away from the cliffs.
  2. Do not leave your pets tied in one place!
  3. It is important to store food especially and all other important useful things on a high and dry area.
  4. While you store the drinking water try to boil the water as much as possible and then use it.
  5. If you live near by the river side or soft ground then try to evacuate and move to another place. Buildings along with houses also collapse and can cause damage due to a land slide.
  6. Cover yourself fully while sleeping during these conditions as animals and insects can come out of areas due to the flooding. (Snakes, roaches, lizards, spiders, bedbugs etc.)
  7. Wear Long Gum boots in case of sharp objects can penetrate your shoes as well.
  8. Stay away from walking near the electric polls ( there could be shock circuit due to underground or downed power lines. Life threatening )
  9. Walk with a Stick just like the one used by people who walk on the snow mountains (strong & pointed)
  10. Potholes in the streets
  11. Gutters are open stay away and look for any signs of a branch or something popping out of the ground


 learn to understand the flood warning sirens and flood signs

  1. Should not walk on the side walk closer to the road curb as there could be open drains but decide if its safe and you know the road.
  2. Don’t go on the bridge when you see a a running flooded water underneath
  3. Do not walk near the electric polls or wires as the water around could be electrically charge and a person could get a shock and could be life threatening too.
  4. Water supply could get affected due to power cut as well.
  5. Listen to the radio – buy a transistor radio if you don’t have it as it could be useful anywhere.
  6. In the United States there is noaa weather radio stations which you could tune in if you live there.
  7. Buy solar powered products if its safe to do so even (wind up torches )
  8. Do not try to swim in the flooded area unnecessarily.
  9. Wind power is best to generate electric power during this time but storm can damage it.
  10. Walk sideways in case of getting stuck in running water because you could use the force itself to make you come out
  11. Note that staying in water for longer can cause hypothermia.


What to do after a flood?

Drained water causes puddles and quick sand in many areas. Be more cautious especially due to slippery surface. Clean the flooring with anti bacterial liquid. If you have carpet then can’t tell what’s going to be the condition of the carpet. Get your floor checked if its wooden then there are chances of wood rot.

Having tiles or marble stone flooring is easy to get it cleaned. If there was a power failure for safety then  do not eat fresh food from you refrigerator it is longer than four hours. This is because of hygiene and health purposes.

Experiences works

If its longer than twenty four hours than do not consume anything from a deep freezer as well. Do not consume any food items that were exposed to the flood waters. You can use a stick if the surface is muddy as there could be soft area and you might knock yourself off if not careful. Flood waters also many times could bring diseases with them.

This is due to the dead animals or humans and waste. Return home only if it is deemed safe by the authorities to do so.  These tips are subject to the situation you might be and the country, hence do not take it if it doesn’t apply to your country since floods strength could be different.


Learn more if you live in the UK

The environment agency in the UK  looks after the environment’s protection and improving its quality. It has published really helpful booklet of 24 pages on flood preparation, during and after as well.

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