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How can you stop polluting water while travelling by sea?

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Water pollution as you may know can be stopped by certain habits that we can put into practice. You would really want to know this right! You may think you are doing enough to save the environment. Being a boat or a yacht owner  you may not know how much more you can do to stop polluting water while traveling by sea.


What are the Sources of water pollution in the sea, rivers and oceans ?

This question has a broad explanation. Some of the sources we know are our day to day items that we use on land.

  • Daily grocery left over that contains plastic bags.
  • Cans from the drink that has poisonous paints on it.
  • Our daily drainage systems that pollute
  • The air pollution that generates poisonous gasses and comes down with the rain
  • toxic chemicals that wash up and are drained in the sea without being treated
  • Different regulations and ineffective governmental role in some countries, creates a pressure

Type of water pollution

This depends on the severity of how you have affected the water. It hardly matters how little you affect, but remember that every drop makes a difference. The same way you are one of the instruments in saving or harming the plants and animals too by polluting water.  Even if you are a farmer, you still need this to be taken seriously especially with your livestock and heavy rains or storms.

Effects of water pollution by water transport vehicles

Toxic chemicals that get mixed up with water & produces unimaginable amount of damage to our marine life. This not only harms marine animals but also us as human beings. The oil spills that happens in the past has had a considerable amount of damage on the sea life. The marine species that are not very sensitive could otherwise thrive, gets seriously affected if they don’t die.

The after effects are the real trouble. The oils spill ultimately gets washed up by the shore and the signs of harmful effects are clearly visible even on the sea gulls and other birds. Certain places where there where there were thriving marine life become a dead zone due to these unfortunate tragedies.


There are certain good practices to adopt in order to save our oceans


It is unique and one of my favorite thing so far. It’s quite an amazing idea for whoever came up with this. Thumbs up to you mate for such an invention.

Boat maintenance tools and methods can make a lot of difference.

  • Paints on your boat can really harm the water just as it starts to corrode your boat.
  • Use environmental friendly products.
  • Reduce usage of plastic
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Boat polishing products should be especially items that are environmental friendly especially.
  • You may use baking soda as there are plenty of benefits to it.
  • Vinegar is also one of the sources that doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Lemon can be used again
  • Soil beach sand to wash vessels
  • Quality of deck fittings also affect such as rope materials when disposed off

Marine toilets and holding tank’s one of the best practices

This is what you should be doing to take care of your marine toilets. These are some of the etiquette that you would like to keep in mind while traveling by water. Whether long distance or short, it’s you who can make a difference. If you see someone affecting the environment don’t go all they way insulting and harming anyone. Simply, do your duty and explain them nicely if you deem it to be safe. Your safety is more important then the explanation at first.


How to pump out marine holding tank at the marina’s facility

The filthy water is also know as bilge water. Since we have a many private boats like a family fishing boat or a yacht that are traveling day in and day out, there is one cause of concern to be addressed. I would like to mention that since there are many boating requirements. There are also safety and other regulations but we do not think much  about water pollution. A huge chunk of boaters out there that don’t bother to respect this fact that they are also a part of the society just like people that live on the shore.

Pump out facilities at different ports and marinas can be really helpful

Major marinas around the world have these facilities in place. There may be temporary disruptions however contacting the marina may be really helpful. For short distance such as inshore  travel this may  not be a good option however still its better to use the toilets before leaving. That option is way more better.

Certain regulations that are made in effect and others simply bypass it due to their size. It should be noted that any boat that enters the other countries waters they do come under the jurisdiction of that countries coastal law. You may contact dean&reddyhoff, they have 5 marinas one in Portland, Haslar, Deacon, East coves and Weymouth. If you need more information about the marina’s I have provided some important links in my article about the busiest marinas. I hope it will help you too.


Reduction of individual drinking water bottles

You can use a glass bottle for drinking rather, that would be much better. Glass doesn’t affect the environment the way plastic does. Find out a way to get rid of your plastic items.

Since, we know that there are two artificial islands. These are full of plastic waste and all the fuss about caring for the environment. What are we doing to care for it. We do you dispose your boat waste. Is it in the facility that marina provides or simply in the ocean?

I doubt many would be doing it, still there are people who do such. I am not blaming anyone. This is something that can probably help many of us.

Fresh water tank for boats

There are Flexible water tank for boats  which are really good if you don’t have enough space as well.  Having a fresh water tank can save your day. Especially if you have a natural filtration system then i can say you just made it to the water rangers.  What are the options available for you? There’s plenty of options. You can order them online or even go to your boat servicing people and they can help you too.



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