25 amazing vegetables for your boat garden even in winter

25 amazing vegetables for your boat garden even in winter

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Here’s how you can have a sustainable source of fresh food and veggies on you fishing boat, especially if you are traveling long distance. It’s also good for you if you keep moving constantly that is on a boat house. There’s endless options for you if you need planters for your vegetables. Some of the examples I have mentioned in this article as you read along you will see them.

Since you are traveling and have access to fishes and other sea food, having freshly grown herbs and vegetables will just make your day make.

Amazing fresh vegetable supply on your boat is really simple

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Growing  plants and vegetables on your boat is a great option. Having just potted plants is not the only thing. It can be customized and you can utilize the space to the maximum possible way.

Boats that are suitable for growing plants & vegetables

Generally these are house boats. They are either long enough, more stable and wide. I have seen even normally boats that have wider hull are great. Just to give you an idea is that any boat that have some nice open space to stand, walk around  and also do fishing can be used to grow plants on your boat.

Which vegetables to choose for your boat garden?

  1. ginger
  2. garlic
  3. carrots
  4. cucumber
  5. cabbage
  6. sweet pepper
  7. broccoli
  8. parsley
  9. peas
  10. onions
  11. potatoes
  12. raddish
  13. basil
  14. methi/cress
  15. pumpkins
  16. beatroot
  17. spinach
  18. leeks
  19. squash
  20. rocket
  21. Parsnips
  22. tomatoes
  23. chilli
  24. Asparagus
  25. lettuce

Which edible plants or herbs can be grown in your boat garden?

When you have started to grow your personal herb garden, this is what you need. Since boats do not have enough space we have something that can help. All you need is to find a crop combinations that can grow in a vertical or wall climbing position.  Having them will allow you to grow more and still have plenty of space for other useful plants.


Will these vegetables grow on a boat that is constantly moving ?

Yes, that is possible. They require their own space. Make sure those plants are covered with a plastic and make a green house kind of environment so they can grow properly. If you boat has solar panels, tidal generator, water turbine generator then you’re good and constant energy supply then that’s wonderful.

Movement should not affect their growth reason being in the open areas on a land there are also constant breeze too. This means  you should select your veges carefully.

What can affect their growth on a boat?

Sudden change in the weather, water condition & Predators. Certain plants can still tolerate weather but some of them can go into a shock. This means if you are constantly on board would not make any difference as long as you are in the warm or cold or rainy climate. If you are moving around in those conditions then it should not make much of a difference. However, you may find from time to time some of the plants that may get affected and could wither away. Birds could be a nuisance to your plants and can damage them if you are much closer to the coast or in a river.

Which vegetable can be grown in winter?

The following vegetables can be grown in the winters. However, to each of them it would depend how harsh the winter is and we know that the sea doesn’t freeze so you can relax.

  • leafy green vegetables.
  • Spinach
  • leeks
  • broccoli
  • lettuce
  • peas
  • miners lettuce
  • mache
  • Portuguese kale
  • Snow peas

25 vegetables for a boat garden

Boat planters are easily available

Pumpkins of October and November are good enough and for them you can use a fence like wooden climbers.  You may use different netting on your boat if you have space. The one below are simply to give you an idea on growing some of the vegetables that grow as creepers.

climbers for bean plants

fences for plants

fences for plants

netting for cucumbers



The only time when you would need to be a  bit cautious is when you do not have enough space on your boat. If the weather is stormy then its not a good idea to have a hanging potted plants in your boat. For that reason in a nice open space if you are able to create a green house kind of area then you can easily grow them avoiding heaving wind. Having such boat garden can make a lot of difference than having nothing and relying simply on canned foods.

Which of these vegetable require summer?

The summer vegetables which i mentioned here may be different from the summers in the eastern regions. South, middle Eastern or Mediterranean climate summer vegetables are different from those that grow here in the UK or Europe.

You may be able to get an idea at least as to which of these you can carry with you to grow. Some of these require you to to dig a little more and many of them don’t. Depending on the kind of boat

Tomatoes, peppers,cucumbers & onions are some of the many that do need more sunlight. However, being in the open sea or river it could still be an option for many of us as there’s plenty of open space and bright light.



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