Why boat fight between Britain and French boats got this big?

Why boat fight between Britain and French boats got this big?

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This is with reference to the latest incident that took place in the sea near the coast of Normandy. I just happen to check it on yahoo news about this. In a flash, it was all over the news.

While you are at the sea anything could happen. There’s a lot of incidents about boat crashes and anchor fails and sea rage fights. Luckily i happen to check this news video and post it. I had to struggle to find out the videos especially the ones that didn’t had inappropriate language.

At least not audible but those of you who know about the banter I mean and even serious fights. They are not appropriate for our readers hence I had to choose what i could find. Just wanted to make this one a quick short post, hope you will enjoy reading and watch it.

Sea rage exactly the same as a road rage

We’ve all heard of the Road rage but this was like a sea rage. Totally like a movie scene but the damages were real that’s what it appears and really feel it.

Yahoo has a different interpretation and the news website has a different way of releasing the story. It’s obviously in French. You can check out the translation of the story on the Google translator. This way you will know exactly who is right and who is less right !

Obviously your opinions may differ based on your experience. However, if you are one of those having the real experience of dealing with such instances then you have are the man. I mean just an expression. You could be a women too. I don’t know exactly as i haven’t seen many women in this field of interest.

Check out the report by Anders Brekke on nrk.no


What is the news about Britain and French boats having issues?

It was an interesting piece of article which i felt i should be sharing it with you today. By the look of it. It seems like the Boat in the middle must have got some serious damage.

The fight was about scallops that’s what it seemed like to me. Having this kind of issue is quite dangerous and also makes you think twice about this Sea Rage. We don’t know the inside story though.




Check out some of the boat fights for what i call sea rage

Many a times its not a big deal and still these incidents happen. There are different aspects to it. However, most of them are due to drunk and getting in to a fight. At times its just to show their territorial power nothing else. Check this one out.

I don’t want to point out that and only show you the negative part of this side.


The sea rage fights don’t just happen on normal people boats

It doesn’t just happen with the personal family fishing boats. You can see lots of incidents where even the big ships have crashed on to the shore. Watch this one for instance.

Today’s article I wanted to just show you these things. I don’t want to scare you or make bored of all this but this happens and it could be anywhere. This means our fellow boaters need help with anger management issues. Many boaters are calm and they carry on !

There are few who even at work can’t stay still, watch this one

This is for all my readers, please let me know if you wish to know more about something. I will be more than happy to find out more and write an article on especially for you. So go ahead and comment or send me an email.



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