15 best portable generators

15 Best portable generators you can buy in 2018 & beyond

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Best portable generator can be classed into various categories based to what you are looking for. In short the purpose based. This is because if you only need them for indoors or your fishing boats. You may need it simply for camping purposes. It could involve not moving much while camping due to you having your vehicle such as RV or a camping trailer. However, if you decide to carry it with you  in a backpack then you want to consider generators that are as small as power banks.

  • Points to remember before you look for a best portable generator online

Remember, that if you want to use them for long hours and outdoor itself  then this is what it is. You can still go for the ones that are outdoor generators. Even though they use fuel or gas, reason being if you are camping or are in a place where there’s not much sunlight, what can you do then?

Hence, having even a petrol or a diesel generator for outdoor purposes can help a lot. Not to forget if you still can figure out the generator that is portable and still having different charging options.  This means having an option for us to recharge them through wall plug point, solar power and also Rugged usage for outdoor purposes.

If your generator has options to take all that dust, humidity and rainwater splashes and still work amazingly well then you’ve found a right generator. Obviously, not many of us know of such product that have all the features that anybody can think of. Unless the product is custom made with high value and high cost.

So next time if anyone tells you whether you care about the environment then you can simply show that what you have. You can show your solar powered generator, because you care ! 🙂



About the list of portable generators that are heavy

Generators mentioned here are some that are really heavy for a person to pick up in a back pack or even carry the weight of it. Hence take an informed decision and do not go for the more customer reviews only. The best practice is to check their frequently asked questions and then relate to what you need the generator for. If it matches to the most of what you’re looking for then please go ahead and  buy one.

Commercial boats can have these heavy duty generators based on their size and the loading capacity of the individual boats. In many cases even a house boat or a canal cruiser could have such generators. I have not limited this to a specific country due to the varieties that are available online. You have both the options amazon and ebay. Some models are available on amazon and some are on ebay.com or ebay.uk.

Some models may not be available in US and some may not be available in the UK or other parts of Europe. However, it is possible to still order and they will let us know if it can be delivered or not. I have an experience of ordering an international product and it came very well and so I believe it should not make much of a difference.

Below is the list 15 Best portable generators you can buy in 2018 & beyond

  1. Jackery generator pro
  2. Chargetech Portable
  3. DJM Portable
  4. Goal zero
  5. Böhler-AG Petrol Generator
  6. Paxcess generator
  7. Kalipak 401
  8. Ryobi  generator with bluetooth
  9. senci petrol generator
  10. Renogy lycan generator
  11. Suaoki generator
  12. Powkey portable generator
  13. Eco flow river generator
  14. Hyundai HY3000SEi 2.8 kW Inverter Generator
  15. Parker Generator


By clicking on the image will take you to the amazon product page as mentioned earlier or on ebay if that is available on ebay.


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  • Jackery generator power pro

The design of this generator is absolutely futuristic for me at least. Also that it looks tough and powerful. You definitely can charge it with solar panels and you don’t have to think of any other source as of now.  It also means with the full charge it can recharge your phone 45 times  and a drone batteries 7 times. Isn’t this awesome!

  •  Chargetech Portable AC Outlet / Battery Pack for Laptops 27000 mAh 85W / 110V

This one is one of my favourite one due to its size and power.  Having a TSA Approved for Airline Travel it has become all the more eligible to buy.  It is really one of the best portable generator that you can actually carry with you. You can easily keep it in your bag or on the table if you are travelling and keep your electronics to charge. Especially this one is a limited edition  from chargeteck. IF you click on >>>>>>>>this link <<<<<


Solar panel charging

Charging with the solar panel is useful if you want to add extra power to your solar powered generator then go for it but check if its the right product.


  • DJM Portable quiet generator:

This generator is getting a lot of reviews and also is a portable and not bad looking generator.  The issue with this generator is that it is a petrol generator and the if you want to feel more Eco friendly then it may not be an option for you. But this one you can use it for boating, camping and other outdoor activities. The sellers of this generator mention its running time to be 6 & half hour.



  • Goal zero portable generator :

This generator is portable and can be powered through wall plug. It is also quite useful and simple to use. As it has a solar panels and comes with it, this makes it easy to recharge and have power. through the wall you going to need to keep is for a day.  It’s not very portable though, you can take it with you if you’re out.


  • Böhler-AG Petrol Generator :

Böhler-AG Petrol Generator is  look wise like a rugged and easy to take with you outdoor. The generator mentioned here are the top rated generator on amazon at the moment.  Unless you have a vehicle or a truck when you go outdoors camping that is when you should buy this one. The reason why i mentioned this is because its shipping weight is 45 Kilograms. So, now you know that you can definitely splurge on this one if you have enough space and vehicle to carry it. However, it massive look and weight, if you are going out in a group or a big family kind or outing then this is good for you.


  • Paxcess generator

With paxcess you have the ability to charge your camera batteries, phone & laptops as well. There’s more to it, remember i mentioned in the beginning about the ability to get recharged by car or solar power. This is that kind of generator, which means you don’t have to go and get petrol or any fuel. This will help you to recharge itself with solar panels and also from wall power points.

This means you are not damaging the environment and still able to utilize the energy and use it as a renewable energy source.

  • Kalipak 401

I noticed somehow people have preferred more towards kalipak 401 then 601 it has more five star reviews than 601. This is also one of the ways I choose my products if i decide to buy one. They also include solar panels along with it so you can recharge it any where and still carry it with you if you are camping or hiking.

Even on a boating you can still have this one as its not a very heavy product. At the same time you don’t have to worry about smoke or harming the environment around you. Also no chance or noisy motor, that’s a total win win. It would not matter even if you want to charge your drone batteries.


  • Ryobi bluetooth 2300 Watt Silent Quiet Ultra Efficient Inverter Generator

Ryobi caught my eye when i watched a video on how this one can be used and the advantages. It also has a benefit and that is it allows you to see how much hours is left and the amount of energy that is utilized also.  It contains of flap with the plugs that you can use and when not in use then its easy to cover it and hence prevent from the dust. Having an app also allows you to be in control of lot of options it provides, so you need to download the ryobi app.

Ryobi bluetooth generator

Ryobi bluetooth generator

  • Senci Sc2000i invertor petrol generator:

Senci has got some really good review but its an upcoming generator that again has good feature with Yamaha MZ80 engine. Its shipping weight itself is 22kg, so if you think you can carry this with you outdoors then good luck. Unless you have a vehicle to carry the heavy load, this is not a good idea. This generator has a recently people looking at it. What this means is it’s getting popular slowly. Do let us know how is its performance in the comments section.


  • Renogy lycan  Generator:

This generator also has a box design but the AC and DC outputs too. This allows you to use it with variety of appliances and electronic items. Having a fascility to charge it with the solar panel makes these best portable generators more beneficial. Most of the generators mentioned in here are such that have a possibility to gettting it loaded with power even with the vehicle such as RV or truck. They also mention 5-7 years lifespan for this product.

Over the years this has been advantageous for most of us. People tend not to spend on buy generators sometimes thinking its fine. However, whether you live in the UK or USA, Even Canada and many parts of Europe now have problems of power failure. It may have been due to overall power failure in the area or due to over load of appliances used.




  • Suaoki generator

This generator is available on ebay and i have gone through the content of this generator. Even though it doesn’t show the transactions, I still have added it here on the list because of its build the the uses of this generator the seller mentioned in the description .

suaoki generator

suaoki generator


  • Powkey portable generator

This is can be recharged with the solar power as well as from the wall power outlet. This one is not very heavy being simply 1.8 Kg  as a shipping weight unless you add additional items with it. Some thing like a power monitor that allows you to see what amount of power you need to charge a particular item.



  • Eco flow River generator

Eco flow is really portable and easy to carry like the earlier generators that i mentioned.




  • Hyundai HY3000SEi 2.8 kW Inverter Generator

Hyundai is a very popular brand as we all know and this generator has a long enough history on amazon too. Comes with 39.1 kg of shipping weight, so you can imagine carrying it everywhere outdoors or leaving in one place when you’re outdoors. The description of this product, the seller has mentioned that it’s weight is 29 kg.

Also that you can charge a television, phones, laptop computer, kettle and much more. This means it is quite powerful. Powerful enough to get things going when you need. At the same time i like the honesty that is also mentioned just below the description ‘that it can affect the environment in the long run. ‘


  • Parker generator

Parker  has around 61 customer reviews till date as of now. It appears to be more like and bought by people compared to the other petrol generators of its range. The weight is 43.4 kilograms. This means that if you have a vehicle this one is the best option. You can have it on your boat too keeping in mind the safety of your boat first. As some of the boats can’t have this. There are many reasons. The most important is the loading capacity of the boat will reach faster. You would not want to over load your boat if your boat is not a very big boat or like a commercial boat.



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Important note in terms of these generators

The important part to note is that since these are generators as a product. They have different capability. Many of them are simply a backup generator, this means you can not use it as a consistent and parallel power source.

when you buy a portable generator is that if you have a vehicle and you are going to go camping. Even if you go camping with your boat for location scouting or overnight camping, having these portable generators can be really beneficial.

I personally prefer the multipurpose ones that can be charges with solar panels and even wall outlet. Amazon gives a good option to buy the additional items that can go with the ones that you buy. These days we have many via connectors available that can convert the one power source to another. This way our life is much easier than it used to be just a few years ago.

If you are living in the US there are the generators that are easy for you to find.  I have added the affiliate links on these generators that will help you to straight away reach the product page and if you buy if we get a commission too. This is how we can maintain our site and other expenses. To go directly to the product page for any of these generators, simply click on any of these affiliate links that are the images and it will take you there.


If you have any suggestions on a certain product and you want me to cover it in my next articles then please go ahead and write a comment. You can even send me an email. Also if you like this article then do not forget to share it too. Thanks for reading.


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