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Busiest marinas of the world that are popular and will blow your mind

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Busiest marinas of the world that are popular is the list that I have collated based on the popularity of searches. They are also chosen based on being busy or one of the very few marina’s in their own respective countries. Remember that i have not segregated the marina’s based on the size of the marina but the traffic itself. Many of these marina’s are massive and have a huge inflow and outflow of boat traffic.

Do keep in mind that many marina’s have other marina’s too hence providing you the alternative in the busy times. Check or the availability before hand so you don’t get caught by a surprise.

Dubai marina

Dubai marina is located in UAE. It is quite famous for its skyscrapers and the holiday destination  has made its marina all the more busier than before. The skyline of this place is being more talked about especially after the construction of Palm island resort. Just as the cherry on the cake and of course who doesn’t know the tallest building in the world Burj Al Arab.

Dubai marina

Dubai marina

Please note : There are regulations that every water fishing boat or a Yacht has to keep in mind before they enter the territory. Kindly check their municipality requirements for any person thinking of traveling through Dubai waterways or wants to have a stop over as well. Just like any other country Dubai also has its laws that restrict unlawful activities and polluting water and leaving the premises dirty comes as not acceptable as well.

Also remember that it’s not just for Dubai alone. Since it comes in United Arab Emirates, all countries with water around that area have quite similar rules. You need to check with the authorities before you decide to stop over. >>>>Click here<<<<< to get some important contact details of Dubai marina. 


Portsmouth harbour

It is located in the southern part of UK. With a plenty of marine industry related places around the same area makes it busy too. It has a rich history and is not very far from Europe hence along with Kent. This place is quite popular too for its harbour. Hasler marina is a big boat shelter and just the neighbour of Gosport marina.

Brighton marina

Brighton being one of the most popular beach in the UK and closer to London is famous for its pebbly beach. On the eastern side of the beach you will find the Brighton marina. With a water sports (including diving) opportunity it has and clear water makes it a wonderful spot and hence remains busy during the peak season.

St katherine’s dock

St Katherine’s marina is located in heart of the London city and makes it a jewel. It’s quite close to Tower Bridge and the Tower pier which again is a very popular tourist destination. Also being in the middle of the city to reach there also is a bit tricky if you are traveling by road during the peak hours. It has some really fun events that take place like tea dancing and a lot more. I’am sure if you’re here, you won’t get a chance to get bored at all.

St katherine's dock

St katherine’s dock

Note: Any UK ports you enter you have to obey the law and have to abide by the rules as per the requirement stated by authorities. All the united kingdom boats have to follow the guidelines hence, be mindful and follow the guidelines. >>>>>Click here <<<<<to get the contact details of 90 ports of UK, I am pretty sure that you may find this information quite helpful so you don’t have to keep looking for them all over the place.

Marina Del Rey in California

Marina Del Rey: Located in the southwest of California and close to Los Angeles. With its prime location it has become one of the busiest places for the people who like cruising nearby Californian waterside.  Having such a world famous place as a marina has its own benefits.

That is having the most high spenders and amazing beaches Like Venice beach and a good stretch of Playa del rey beach. It has an easy straight access to Los Angeles international airport which is nice thing. It shelters around 4600 boats. The current stats can be different i mentioned in case of any updates.

Marina Bay in Singapore

Marina bay has two boat shelters Keppel bay vista and ONE°15 Marina Sentosa cove– It’s in Singapore  they are both close to marina bay sands hotel. It’s quite a famous tourist spot and you may find this place shown in some of the movies too. This makes it a very busy place too. Amazing facility it provides to the visitors  also with 24hr CCTV coverage, so  you can be relaxed in terms of your lovely boats & yachts.

marina bay sands

marina bay sands



The French Riviera

Port of Saint Tropez– is the highest reviewed marina of Cote D’azur and one of the busiest too. Boaters have plenty of options here due to other marina’s being quite close to each other. French Riviera which is Located in the south coast of France is very well known for its tourist attraction and the most famous Cannes.

Reason for it being this busy is could also be credited to the two country’s cost line right close to each other. These two countries which are also well known holiday destinations for visitors get quite busy during the summer season. These two neighboring countries are Italy on its east  and Spain on its western coastal area.

BR Marinas Verolme

Brazil has a plenty of space to offer for boats and yachts. Apart from BR Marinas Verolme there is  another boat shelter and that is Marina Bracuhy JL. There is plenty of space around the areas for you to park your boat. The surroundings look nice and green especially being in Rio De Janiero which is the major city of Brazil. You can expect it to have a lot of facilities but not expect it to have a lot of facilities like the other boat shelters mentioned in this article.

Hamilton Harbour

The Hamilton harbour in Bermuda is one of the busiest ones due to the number of boats in and out and also having a Royal Bermuda yacht club and Dinghy club. It just looks more sporty than you can think off.  Bermuda itself being an island may be that’s the reason its people have a lot of boats which you can see when you are visiting the country. Unless you are sacred of the Triangle lol.

Yacht haven grande

Yacht haven grande is located at the US virgin islands it is quite far off place for usual visitors but it is one of the busiest boat shelter . It would be better to say it has a space for big yachts and cruise ships too. Hence making it popular and busy.



Now here are two of the most amazing marina’s where the richest people in the world have anchored their yachts.

These were the marinas that were also mentioned in forbes online.

Marina de Capri

Marina de Capri is located in southern cost and an island though a part of Italy. It’s a place where the most rich and famous have visited just like them visiting the French riviera.  It has the most beautiful view on its bay that i really got quite impressed. I have seen other marinas but this one is simply amazing. It’s quite expensive though, that is the reason not just anyone can visit there and park their yacht.

If you happen to visit there please share your experience drop me an email so may be i can get some current update from you too. 🙂

Ibiza Magna

Ibiza magna is located in spain and its on Balearic island.  It’s close proximity to palma de mallorca gives it a beutiful view and a whole lot of visitors in Summer time and not to mistake even during winter. While this being a place again for one of the richest business tycoons to visit, it quite easily charges a price which may not be feasible for general boaters.

Being there will allow you the opportunity to see the most largest, richest, and popular boats and yachts. So be ready to see your favorite yachts there and enjoy your stay when you happen to visit the island.


Interested to see your Boat?

While we have seen these marinas and learnt very briefly about them I hope this can help you. If you wish to track your vessel then you may also try this website: marinetraffic It’s a website that i learnt allows you to locate your boat or a vessel. Definitely it is interesting to see where you are and locate your boat too.

As always your suggestions are welcomed. Please share your story if you have something interesting to talk about. I will make sure if your story is really interesting then would love to share with our readers.  If you wish to become a blog writer to us then please send us and email and I will get back to you as soon as i can.





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