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Why should i buy a new boat? I already have a good one

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Buy a boat or not buy a boat, its quite a tough decision when you have the money but you’re not sure what you can do with it. At least not throw your money somewhere you already have got a thing.

Some of you may be asking this question. Why should i buy a new boat? I already have one!

Think again if you are not one of those that always have new looking boat. You wonder how does that happen. Well, when you tend to make money by flipping your boat. You don’t need to think again. There are three ways you could do this-

  1. Buy brand new boat and sell after a while in place of another new boat.
  2. Trade in with some of the sellers
  3. Buy a used boat for cheaper and you make it well. Modify make it a little more better and then sell higher.

You could use the 3rd option and if you don’t wish to make it better then you can still flip it and buy another better one. Of course you’ve got to haggle and negotiate as much as possible.

If you buy a new boat just use it as much as you can and then flip it. I have seen people buying and selling car personally and they do make money. Same principle you can apply and do it too. I haven’t quite tried myself. However, if any of you have tried it then please comment and let us all know how did you do that.

buy a boat but ask the marina manager for better deal

buy a boat but ask the marina manager for better deal


 Find a good deal to buy a boat or even getting it free

There’s a couple of more sites.

You need a better deal the try craigslist, ebay, gumtree & even

  1. free boat
  2. craiglist
  3. Gumtree
  4. ebay (US,UK,Australia or any country specific)
  5. boats
  6. newsnow
  7. boat4auction
  8. boneyardboats
  9. preloved
  10. boatsandoutboards

I want this not to remain as a secret but if many people know it then they can make use of it and benefit from it. Obviously one shouldn’t be misusing the skill if you know what i mean. If you don’t then leave it. Just to let you know these are the popular sites that are helpful and nice to get better deals. I have simply collected 10 of them here. I personally don’t know some of them but they were recommended hence i planned to share it in today’s article.

Maintain it well if you want someone to buy a boat from you

By maintaining it well its clearly understood that you would be needing to care for engine, oiling, oil change, filter change, connections wiring, the generators, the back up generators, solar panels & much more. Do not forget to make sure that all the parts are fitted perfectly well. Think that you are not selling buy you will be using it and you want it a good quality boat.  It is important to sell your boat but not by simply ripping someone off.

To remove salt as it affects your engine, you should use the salt remover sprays or cleaning liquids

Think from the point of view of what would you want if you were the buyer and someone else was selling their boat to you. Talk to people nicely because sometimes their friends or their acquaintances might be the high value buyer you never know.

buy a boat but think before

buy a boat but think before

Polish it to get that shine

Do not use just any cleaners to clean entire boat. Use a cleaning liquid that is used to clean that particular material which it is meant for. Use scratch removers in case there are scratches.

The whole point is to make it visually appealing.  You wouldn’t buy a boat or a kayak if it doesn’t appeal to your visually right!

Obviously you need a good quality but how about a good quality and visually appealing versus just good quality.  Usage of  a rust remover on the steel areas can help a lot and make it shiny almost spotless.

Summer season purchase will have its own expenses as well as winter will have its own.

Calculate the total expense on your boat the ongoing and the total cost

Make sure you know overall expense when you wish to sell it. Provide value to your buyer  help them with letting them know how they can reduce the expense and how your boat can help. Think like a business or a big seller. Only when you be cautious and conscious of these factors that you will be able to control the expense and sell at a higher price.

Think over the points where you have to pay for the maintenance. Carrying a boat from wherever it is, getting it ready for the waters. If you don’t have a towing trailer to tow a boat, you will obviously need to buy it.

Thrown in something additional that adds value to what you are selling it could even be a tool box or an action camera  may be something like go pro! <<<<

What else do you need to sell your boat? so you can buy a boat?

Have your boat paper work in good condition. Have insurance paperwork ready as well. If your boat is between two owners then you do this.  To get rid of that boat so both of you can buy a different boat, you have to work together, at least until you sell it at a higher price successfully.

Don’t leave your partnership on a bitter note. It doesn’t matter how unpleasant your personal experience must have been. Leave with style not in pride or arrogance.  If you both love this sport or its your hobby then learn to get along with people if you need to come up and be a pro.

There’s plenty of ways you can utilize the technique to learn to flip it at a higher rate and earn a good enough profit from it. You can even trade it to get a better looking or better performing boat. In any case if you have any suggestions or questions that you would want me to find out the answers for then please add it in the comment box.



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