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Which is the best reliable boat engine & good for resale?

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Which is the best fishing boat engine can be answered once we know the types & their durability in the long run, also if it does sell at a good price. Fishing boat engines are of many kinds just like any other vehicle your drive.

‘There are different types of engines such as inboard boat engine, The stern drive, Outboard boat engine. Jet engine for boat, the pod engine (the one that Volvo penta created).’ The modified monster engines for those mechanical junkies. I have not distinguished between petrol or diesel boat motors here. However, this is based solely on what people look for and is more popular.

boat motors

boat motors

Determining the purpose

Most of the boating help websites & videos will tell you the same thing. Whether you wish to buy a boat or a boat engine.

  • What is the purpose of having a fishing boat ?
  • How long do you wish to be using this fishing boat?
  • Are you going to use it to go out with your family or friends?
  • How many people you would be traveling with ?
  • What is your budget and what size you’re looking for?

I am not answering these questions here specifically. However, I will find out the ones that are popular and people know the name and want to buy them or sell them because they are easy and durable.


Types of boat engines made simple


Do you really need a new fishing boat or you simply need to work over your boat?

  • You need to modify your engine or buy a new one (guarantees & life)
  • How much does a brand new boat engine would cost?
  • These are the things you need, to fix your own boat engine

If you’re interested in getting your boat modified by professionals then better try to take your boat or hire a good mechanic or you may even DIY.  You can get a new boat engine 150, 200, 300, 350, or 450 and fix it to your boat. If its for outboard as explained in the video above then its easier to set up. If it’s an inboard then it would require a little bit of an effort and patience if you are not very mechanical minded person.

Nevertheless, if you’re concentrating on a family boat then you don’t need to get hi powered monster engines set up because you wouldn’t want to make it a super boat. Unless you have a grown up family members who are alright with experimenting.


Which is better inboard or outboard boat engine?

Whether you would consider a inboard engine or an outboard engine could determine the life of your engine in the long run too.

damage management for your boat engine: Management wise outboard engines are easy to take care of. The inboard or stern engine are good too and they are still safer compared to the outboard in terms of getting damaged by water.

If you’re an experienced person in owning a fishing boats or a pontoon then you would know as i explain.  Many of us would have come across an instance where our engine fans have hit the floor. These accidents often happen while loading or unloading from the ramp.

There are not many good shops that actually could fix this issue and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a new one. Unless the condition has gone really bad for a fan. Engine maintenance shops that actually help people fix this issue can be found through either yellow pages or a local directory.

If you are in the UK especially in London then there are some well known garages that can help you. Just to clarify the fact that since there are other types of engine also which are now slowly starting to get better & hence popular.

Boat engine brands most known: Yamaha, Mercury,Honda, Volvo

Yamaha is just getting better & better.  Yamaha’s portable to a mid range are the better options for a family boats. I found out that Yamaha had the highest amount of searches in boat engines.

When I had searched statistics by google for the past 30 days done on 7th of July 2018.  Also on checking the past year and the past 5 years and i still happen to find Yamaha boat engines as the highest searches world wide.

The Search for the boat motor we are looking for

With boats its the same as cars engines. Depends how much of a speed fanatic are you. Since, these search volume didn’t find Mercury outboard motors turned out to be a popular word the people seem to look for in the United States. Whereas Yamaha outboard motors is popular in India. This is the personal opinion based on the popularity among the users and most searched.

They are usually a four stroke engines & two stroke engines. Honda and Volvo searches as well as information didn’t appear so widespread compared to the other two.  Now the best category can’t be labelled based on the search volume alone.

UK special areas of marine conservation explains very well about the oils discharge by the engines and the 2 stroke and the 4 stroke engines used by the boats. Mercury has developed one of the best engines for boating which is really good. We all know Yamaha is the famous one with some good quality products.

Surprising enough the best boat motor for resale gave most of the results for Mercury and sold on Ebay. This is what also gave an idea that these engines are good in reselling value.

outboard boat motors

outboard boat motors


What type of boat engines are long lasting?

When you get this answer right is you’ve got your superstar boat engine. Whether the new or used engines its really important to maintain and take care of them. The only way you would know how to find out which engine is good is to do some research yourself. You can take a look at the forums or interest related pages on Facebook if they have open public entry.

Fresh water boat engines are long lasting

Remember that the fact is that the saltwater affects the metal and the engines much badly then the fresh water. This means if you’re cruising through the Mississippi river or the river Thames in the UK,  you’re all good.

If you want to see for yourself then check out the boats docked at the Kingston or Richmond area of the riverside & then check it out at Brighton or Kent side. The precautions can be using the outboard motor flush to take care of maintenance part for your boat. It is also known as boat muffs

The newer the boat that are coming up the complex it would be for you to take care of your boat engine yourself. If you’ve already spent enough money to buy a motor boat or a jet boat then hire an expert who can take care of your boat engine. See if you can sign up for their service maintenance of your  family fishing boat.

There’s ways to long life for your boat motor apart from the one mentioned above. You may use the Water keg method or a big bucket full of fresh water & marine detergent in case you use your boat in the salt waters.  Let your engine run in neutral slowly as the boat is stationary.

This method is used by some people as well however before you go ahead and do it try to see watch the video demonstration and then apply it. You wouldn’t want to take a chance with your boat not knowing what could happen.

outboard boat engine

outboard boat engine



Finally the result is:

Yamaha outboard motors & boat engine has clearly proven to be a winner in this category for this year 2018 at least. Mercury has come out to be the second most popular as per the search test conducted by me.

The one thing that is remaining is the public opinion based on the number of repairs they have to do each year. I am going to be asking the mechanics and the fishing boat owners to find out how is their engines been so far. The up date will be soon available IA.


If you think you have something interesting to share on boat engines, then you may comment or send an email to us. If you also think the information you have is better and can add value to us then please share with us in the comment section.

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