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How big should be your ideal family fishing boat & trailers?

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How big should be your ideal family fishing boat & trailers for towing?

Family fishing boat could be anywhere from 7 to 20 feet long but again can’t generalize the answer. There are certain factors such as how many people capacity boat you are looking for. If you’re looking for a boat to travel and do fishing in the river, sea or both. Is it for shallow or deep water and the list goes on.

I also noticed that river fishing boats have different sizes, It is based on the country of manufacturing also because of their local demands too. There’s always a custom order you can give to the  manufacturer.  South Korea, China including, japan and turkey produces good river boats. If the purpose is only to go fishing in the shallow river then flat boat could be quite useful as they are light and can be steered where other boats can’t reach.

Even a bass boat is better but flat boat is much better.  A yacht type of motor boat could be any where from 10 to 43 feet length. Boston whaler is my personal favourite. If you give them custom order then you get a bigger one too that’s totally between the manufacturer and yourself.

These river boats are made also as per the customization if you have a budget and the purpose for which you wish to use them. Commercial models could be starting size based on the size you’re looking for could be anywhere from20-30feet  on wards subject to the requirement of the client.

Size and weight of each boat may vary based on what is included in it. If you’re a family and you need a fishing boat then you’re most likely going to like a yacht type fishing boat, central console fishing boat or house boat.

family fishing boat

family fishing boat

Family fishing boats :

A family boat size is considerably smaller compared to a commercial boats. A good enough capacity family fishing boat’s length is at least 27 or 28 feet.  A beam which is the front area where you can stand or a deck  or the width of that area has to be at least 9.5 feet or 10 feet is a good one.  Having this can allow more people to stand and do fishing.

These family boats have an easy access to the cabin where it’s easy for the family to sit together in a relaxed space.

If you’re thinking of buying a fishing boat  for personal use then your boat won’t be so huge it should be max capacity for 5 to 7 people.  If you a bigger than that then you can even look to get it made to order (custom order).

fishing boats by the bay

fishing boats by the bay

If you’re looking to buy one as a family fishing boat then its good to do some research first. It’s always recommended to see and feel your fishing boat, the model that you want to buy.  There definitely you need to be ready by the time you  are about to buy your boat.

You may ask questions at the dealers but remember you may not always get to learn what you want to learn from them. It’s just like a sales person would like to sell something that gives them or the company more profit. If they decide to push a particular model. It’s not always the case but  you need to be aware of this too.


Non motor boats, canoes .

Non motor boats that are wide enough and you go out fishing with your entire family then there’s  special things that are very easy for you. Number one being no hassle to get a trailer if the boat isn’t that huge  generally 6 footer can be carried on to your SUV but that’s conditional. You can add a motor if you  wish to and we’ve seen people doing so.

However, these can be categorized under the flat boats.  I have pasted the link for Southampton towing company at the bottom. There’s even trident towing company but I haven’t seem to find out the trailers towing for boats. Pontoons are a nice family boats too. I like pontoon boats. However, having a covered boat like a yacht is a nice one because your can hide in if the weather is not good.

If you have a pontoon boat or just a normal open boat you may use a boat top cover as well to make it better. It doesn’t need to be very expensive one, it can even be just like the one below.


The question should be what is an ideal size of a family boat.

The ideal size family fishing boat if used in the river should be not more than for 7 people.  A family of 4 can have good enough space on board and if you have two or three friends then it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, that’s a personal opinion. As i love to have a plenty of space for the family to move around and not just get stuck in the same place. I would personally prefer Boston whalers but there are more better family boats as well based on where you would live to use them. I noticed its current conquest, outrage and realm models are way more better. This is due to  it being fully covered and have a good enough space too.

When you see the way the boat moves is also some important if you want it to not disturb you much then you need a model that is more stable while moving. If you have enough budget and want to go for a good looking family fishing boats then there are other Chinese or Turkish brands.


Features that make a fishing boat a real family fishing boat.

Now a days most of the fishing boats are just about as good as a full a fledged yacht.

  • You have a good side views
  • A sleeping area for all family.
  • A good boat kitchen with a sink
  • Space to move around freely
  • The maneuverability should be simple & easy
  • A back up in case of loss of power.
  • A superb GPS and fishing sonar that doesn’t affect the sea life you might think.
  • A good looking appearance
  • Strong and safe boat

Now, if you notice that all these features can’t be crammed into 7 footer or a smaller boat. For all of this to be present in a fishing boat you need to have enough space. So, the longer and wider the boat the better is the chances of you getting these features added on to your boat.


What size trailer would you need to carry a family size fishing boat?

A  7 meters boat can be carried by a 7.6 meters towing trailer for boats. If you’re in the UK then indespension’ is one of the towing trailers brands that you can look for to buy your towing boat trailer separately else your boat seller can arrange or they should have one.

If the trailer is slightly bigger should be much of a problem. However, it is recommended to get proper fitting trailer . You need to make sure you ask for it before hand from the seller. You can find belco in Australia for trailers.

Simply as we noted the weight of the kayaks here I have tried to collect the size and the weight of the boats. Do remember that if you’re in the UK the maximum length of a towing trailer as of now  is 7 meters which is around 22.96 feet.


Local laws on towing your trailers should be always taken into consideration

Be cautious of the driving your boat towing trailer laws in your country or a city. In the UK it is not allowed to driver with your towing trailer on the fast lane which is the 3rd lane of the carriage way.   Southampton towing trailers are a good option if you live in the UK. Give them a call or click here check out their towing trailers

UK residents can click here to get more information on the current towing boat trailer laws. If you’re reading this in the (USA) California then here’s your towing laws link . You may have to check your local state laws for towing your trailer with your boat on.

This one has the list of all the states towing laws. Always do your due diligence and check with your local government office or website to know more precise measurements.


fishing boat

fishing boat


If you’re wondering why am I not providing a whole list of size chart straight away right here. It is because laws change anytime.  If this article isn’t up to date then you might not get a correct information.

Hence, I have attached the links here.  So, whenever you check your councils local law on towing a trailer then you can get up to date information. If you have more suggestions one family fishing boat then  please let me know in the comment.

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