what is the weight of your kayak?

I analyzed 29 kayak weight categories and found this interesting

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what is the weight of your kayak?

what is the weight of your kayak?


Analyzed 29  kayaks weight categories and I found out something interesting here. As you read further you’ll know what i mean.

A majority of the beginner and medium level kayaks had a slightly higher weights. This was when compared to the advanced and high quality long distance kayaks. Good looking glossy and shiny are not the right ones to buy although they are quite pleasing to your eye unless they fall under the points we’ve covered.

I noticed that the size and the dimensions of the kayak matters a lot. Analyzing the manufacturers that sell kayaks and checking every category i could to just gave me an idea on the average weight of a kayak.

I found out a couple of things  and that is these kayaks had higher weight if they were beginners or for calm waters.  Also noticed that the longer the kayak the heavier the weight. It also became quite clear that adding another modification on the basic kayak added extra weight onto your kayak.

There are certain items that are detachable for example – a peddle. This means that you can carry them separately and add them later as you need them when you are ready to move. A telescopic fishing rod also proved helpful to manage space.

 How much does your kayak have to weigh for traveling long distances?

For you to travel long distances with your kayak your kayak needs to be light in weight at the same time strong enough and high capacity boat.

  • The weights of the recreational kayaks are starting from 17.8 KG going  up to 33 KG.
  • Their weight also differed starting from 20 KG  up to 39 KG and these were sea kayaks too.
  • From 22 KG to 27 KG in the high end kayaks that were also meant for the long distance journeys.
  • Also notice the higher the weight of the kayak was high in handling the high capacity loads.
  • The weight capacity it can handle ranged from around 125 KG up to 240 KG
  • paddle weight  also depended on a person’s height and mostly it was preferred that having a longer and lighter paddle helped too. This is to create a pulley effect to make it easier to move forward.

Reason for this short answer has a bit of details which I have discussed here below.


Really long distance journey kayaks are not the same as general calm waters.

Since, it requires you to be traveling along distance and having the need for you to rest, they have to be more comfortable. Take a look at the kayaks that people have used to travel by the sea. Especially, for a long distances you might learn that they are specially customized for these journeys.

The interesting part i learnt was that there are manufacturers and retailers that allow you to even hire a kayak. If this is the case where you’re trying to buy your kayak then please go ahead and try it out yourself.

different kayaks for different purposes

different kayaks for different purposes

Your kayak needs to be strong

By strong I mean durable. Having a durability just adds a little more value to your kayak or any boat in this sense. Strength is the key to buying your kayak also if you want to keep it for a long time and you love the sport. The actions on these kayaks can determine the strength meter high or low.

In the white water touring it could be quite unfortunate if your kayak explodes or breaks in to pieces.  It can not only be a waste of money but it could be quite dangerous for you as well.  People could get seriously hurt if this point is not taken into consideration before buying your kayak.

For paddles ‘TNP Rapa’ is considered to be a stronger paddles. Even the paddles that are good are made of high quality composite materials.


It should be light in weight at the same time not very light

Lighter in weight and strength at the same time would make it more reliable to travel long distance journeys.  If you are touring a river and calm waters then that’s not a problem. However if you are traveling through the white water rapids and more of a sea side then you definitely need the quality of it being light weight & durable. You wouldn’t want to use and throw it or may be flip it online.

Having light weight kayak can help you go faster without getting much tired. You may need to be physically strong enough to use your shoulders to paddle your kayak. The weights mentioned earlier . The fact that you have to carry it and transport it to where you would be traveling


It should have a good enough capacity to hold on to your extra weight.

That is your essential basic needed items for food, clothing and shelter. It could all be in a backpack still that extra weight should be added. Are you touring by the sea or river is another question.  You definitely need space in the kayak that holds enough for you to at least catch fish or any food and store it proper dry. Check out my earlier article on kayaks to know more

Things that I didn’t mention in the beginning is

  • A good storage space for food.
  • Proper handles to carry it.
  • A waterproof GPS system installed
  • A strong plastic rope

The weight & the size of the kayak  matters when you have to travel and lift it when needed. You may come across all different brands names of kayaks, however, do not get carried away by brand names be sure to know.

What should i do if i drop my kayak while carrying it?

If you drop the kayak from your hand it doesn’t make a huge difference unless it is cracked open!

It is better to test it first and try not to drop it, minor bruises is fine as these kayak are strong enough if you’ve considered quality in mind.

kayak should be strong and easy to carry

kayak should be strong and easy to carry

Here’s the concluding part

Finally it is clear that for a long distance you need your kayak to have all the qualities of comfort and durability. I learnt that many kayak shops also offer used kayaks which is a good thing as a starter, if you don’t wish to spend a lot of money.

My question on what is the average weight in 3 different categories and can it be customized, got answered. Due to me worrying about carrying it all over and not to damage it by dropping from hand, i had to figure out the weight as I wouldn’t want to damage my car or a kayak.

The 29  categories were from all different purpose kayaks. They are analysed based on their sizes and weights. Can you buy a kayak on Amazon ? The answer is yes but it’s not the same as buy from a proper kayak and canoe store. They have a wide variety and you can feel and you can choose it based on your experience. You can’t get that feeling if you do this only, as while researching I also noted that they didn’t had much of a variety often. This could be due to the weight limitations.

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