How to use waterproof bag & pouches fully?

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There are different ways you can use waterproof bags and pouches.

Although they appear to be not very useful sometimes but they are really cool when you are traveling  on the beach side. Even for water sports in many countries people needs  these items. Imagine while you are on a boat or a cruise and you need to evacuate. How important would these products come out as. May be you want to swim and you need to contact someone.  You want your clothes and dry piece or clothing with you.

Hence they  turn out be boon in such situations. I have come across many delivery boys using these ones too. Living in the UK or any European countries where it rains a lot can be a bit of a task. For those who live here know it how important it is to have something like a dry bag with you or a phone pouch with you.

So Before you decide to go now on a pool side or a water park kind of a place take one of these with you .

M A Z A Waterproof phone pouch

M A Z A Waterproof phone pouch


People us them in all different ways such as some use it to keep their phones. There are people who keep even their money in it. You can even keep your map or important papers that can be folded in it.

It’s time now you can go for it because it’s not the season time right now and the prices are also not very high. Great time to buy them. If you live in Kingston (London), then you can buy one from me us too.

There’s whole loads of those but take it if you need it and not just leave it because they are certainly useful items though much underestimated.

Here’s a short pouch test video too 🙂


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