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Go for a holiday this summer


While you’re waiting for summer here’s some nice things you can do. Since children are going to have their half term holidays, you can enjoy and relax too. Does that sound very not possible?

Do not worry there’s plenty of ways you can manage your time with kids and still give yourself a break and relax too.

You may ask it’s just blah blah right !


It may be possible if you see your children are grown up then give them some activities to do such as plant seeds etc,.

Try to go for a walk in the nearest park. A place big enough for you to relax and your kids to play and get tired.

You may decide to go near the beach side or just plan for holidays abroad.

If you do manage to plan your holidays on time then you may be able enjoy as well as the kids too.

Whether you’re a single parent of a family of four or an entire joint family, you need to try this out.

There are some good travel operators or if i may say tour package providers especially near Richmond  station area.

Try to pop in there and see if you can get a better deal. Some times even while book the last minutes tickets come out to be cheaper than expected.

So, you never know you could get them too.

You may try this trick. Check with the air lines if they can postpone your ticket and if they don’t charge anything.

If that’s the case, then when you see the cheapest airfare book them straight away and then late adjust the dates accordingly by contact them.

This could depend upon whether you can get that special date booked on that air line, else you got to try the nearest.

It works for many you may give it a try and see how it goes.

Do let us know if you were successful with you tip on book cheap tickets.


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