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Sunken ships of the old (many of them had treasures & stories)

In Summer planning by Maz

The list below are some of the most known sunken ships found on the internet However, not all may have sunk with the treasure that you may think of. There are also those that have been historically significant for the countries it belonged to. It is also noted that there are some ships misunderstood as 2 different ones due to …

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Bioluminescence Story & history from a different perspective

In bioluminescence, Entertainment, save the planet, Summer planning, Water Technology by Maz

Bioluminescence is a type of light that occurs due to the chemical reaction in any organism’s body. Glowing creatures have been a topic of fascination for many. As kids, we were quite fascinated by the creatures (fishes) under the ocean floor that emits light. They are also known as fishes with disco lights. We already know of the bioluminescent being …

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Blood Diamonds still exist in the markets (A hopeful perspective)

In blood diamonds, eco friendly, Fracking, infectious diseases, save the planet by Maz

Blood diamonds are the diamonds that are mined in the war zones. People are bribed, forced and also killed and mutilated in such places. At times due to the rebels fighting against the government but innocent civilians get targeted & exploited.May it be Central African Republic, Zimbabwe or any other place of war? It is due to the mining of …